Ideal age for freezing eggs; 35 and earlier

Head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Prof. Dr. Cem Çelik talked about the curious issues about the egg freezing process applied to women.

Egg freezing is made for healthy use in the following years.

Reminding that female fertility occurs through the eggs in the ovarian tissue, Prof. Dr. Cem Çelik stated that women who have not yet become mothers may prefer egg collection and freezing procedures in order to increase their chances of getting pregnant in the following years.

Describing the egg collection process as “the removal of healthy eggs in the uterus from the body by medical intervention and surgical methods”, Prof. Dr. Cem Çelik said, “Egg freezing is the name given to the eggs taken to be frozen in such a way that their genetic structure will not deteriorate and that they can be fertilized in a healthy way in the following years. Elective egg freezing, also known as social egg freezing, is the freezing of eggs for women who want to delay their fertility for certain reasons. ” said.

It can be applied in three situations

Prof. Dr. Cem Celik, Turkey in 2014 issued regulations specifying according to the following may perform egg freezing to women in three categories, he said:

“Before women who will undergo treatments that damage gonad cells such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy, before women who will undergo operations that will cause loss of reproductive functions (operations such as removal of the ovaries) and have low ovarian reserve but have not yet given birth or a family history of early menopause, a health committee report consisting of three specialist can be done to women who certify it with. “

Ideal age for egg freezing 35 and below

Explaining that the candidate, whose egg collection process was planned, was completely anesthetized, Prof. Dr. Cem Çelik then informed that the egg collection process was performed by the ultrasound device through the abdomen or vaginally. Stating that the location of the eggs was determined externally with an ultrasound device during the egg collection process, Prof. Dr. Cem Çelik noted that by performing surgical intervention at these points, the eggs detected were taken from the ovaries of the expectant mother.

When looking at the results of egg freezing for social reasons in other countries, Prof. Dr. Cem Çelik said, “For women under the age of 36, it is recommended to freeze an average of 10-12 eggs in order to achieve a 50% chance of pregnancy, and 20-25 eggs above the age of 36. In our country, the number of eggs that need to be frozen should be above these numbers because it is frequently applied in patients with low egg reserve. said.

Doesn’t affect menstrual cycle

Prof. Dr. Cem Çelik stated that the egg freezing process is not a difficult situation for the menstrual cycle of women and concluded: “Egg collection does not have any effect on the menstrual cycle and women who undergo egg collection process are naturally between the 7th and 10th days after the procedure. there may be menstruation. There may be a delay of a few days after the egg collection. ”

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