Important explanation about the second dose of vaccine!

Implementation of the SARS-CoV-2 inactive Sinovac from China and the mRNA technology BioNTech / Pfizer vaccines from Germany continue in Antalya. The number of Covid-19 vaccines made as of April 10 reached 600 thousand in Antalya. The first dose of vaccine was administered to 372 thousand citizens, and the second dose to 252 thousand citizens.
Antalya Provincial Health Director Ünal Hılır said that the protection of the coronavirus vaccine reached its maximum level 14 days after the second dose. Ünal Hulur said that if the virus is infected, albeit rarely, after the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine, the second dose will not be administered 28 days after the first dose, in line with the ministry’s guidelines. Hilir noted that these people will be vaccinated 180 days later, as is the case with other people who have had the disease. For this reason, Hilir stated that it is extremely important for citizens to comply with mask, distance and hygiene rules after vaccination.

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