India variant could inactivate both vaccine and immunity

gave | 02 May 2021 Sunday – 17:10 | Last Updated: 02 05 2021 – 17:10

Professor of Chest Diseases, who made statements about coronavirus mutations. Dr. Muhammed Emin Akkoyunlu said, “We suspect that the Indian variant can neutralize both the vaccine and the immunity of those who have had the disease by producing escape proteins,” said Muhammed Emin Akkoyunlu.

Medipol Mega University Hospital Chest Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Muhammed Emin Akkoyunlu, “Variants and mutations are also things that are to the detriment of the virus because they are faulty productions of the virus. The first variant appeared in Wuhan, China when the coronavirus first appeared. The G variant prevails in the world now. At first there were 6-7 variants. . Now there are millions of open-ended mutations, “he said.

Saying that the G variant seen in Wuhan, China can be transmitted much more easily by making large epidemics, Akkoyunlu said, “We saw that the British variant was also transmitted much faster. They caused transmission 5 times faster than normal viruses. There are several features that we fear in variants. “It can produce and create a resistance against the vaccine. But we see that 90 percent of the vaccines are effective in the British variant” he said.


Mentioning that there are more than 20 mutations on the South African variant and there are doubts that it may be resistant to vaccines that develop antibodies, Muhammed Emin Akkoyunlu said, “This situation has not been clearly demonstrated by scientific research. Each mutation creates a different sub-division. Against the variants that occur in the following processes. The most important problem of African mutations is that they can affect young people intensively. It affects young and middle-aged people. Since vaccination starts from elderly people in the world, this selectivity may have shifted to young people due to the effect of the vaccine. We see that the children are in intensive care more, “he said.


Noting that a hundred percent increase in contamination is much more dangerous than a hundred percent increase in lethality, Prof. Dr. Akkoyunlu said, “We are more afraid of increased contamination. We don’t think lethality increased too much in the UK, Brazil and California variants. With new variants such as the Indian variant carrying two or three variants together, the situation may also change. “Contagion and lethality may increase,” he said.

Saying that the escape protein production is quite high in the South African mutation both against the vaccine and the people who have had the disease, Muhammed Emin Akkoyunlu said, “The potential of getting the disease again is very high in the vaccinated and those who have had the disease. The Indian mutation also acts on similar proteins. “We suspect that the escape proteins produced will inactivate both the vaccine and the people who have had the disease,” he said.

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