It has doubled in the pandemic! There are those who pull all their teeth out

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Adana City Training and Research Hospital Stroke Center Responsible Neurology Specialist Prof. Dr. Zülfikar Arlıer stated that there has been an increase in secondary headaches due to a certain disease such as blood pressure, brain tumor, cerebral hemorrhage and recently coronavirus with the pandemic period, and reported that daily outpatient clinic visits have increased 2 times and reached 30 percent. Stating that they encountered cases that had all their teeth pulled out and even suicide, especially in the third type of headaches called neuralgia, if they did not respond to the treatment, Prof. Dr. Arlıer explained the vital signs that people should pay attention to.

It was stated that the headache complaints seen in almost everyone in the society increased more with the pandemic period due to reasons such as stress, being inactive at home, fear of coronavirus. Adana City Training and Research Hospital Stroke Center Responsible Neurology Specialist Prof. Dr. Zülfikar Arlıer said that in headaches, which is a socially important problem because it is a preliminary symptom of serious diseases, they encounter cases that lead to suicide if they do not respond to treatment. Stating that headaches that should not be taken lightly and show vital signs are classified in 3 groups, Arlıer said, “Primary headache, called primary, is a group that originates from the brain itself and has types such as migraine, tension, cluster headache, etc. These are headaches caused by diseases such as sinusitis, goiter, blood pressure, brain tumor, cerebral hemorrhage due to a certain disease, such as corona, infection, and related diseases.The third type headache is frequently seen in neuralgia and trigeminal neuralgia. “They are stabbing headaches that last for seconds like sudden lightning flashes.”


Noting that in the third type of neuralgia headaches, there are very severe pain that can last from half an hour to 2 hours. Dr. Zülfikar Arlıer said:

“Neuralgia-type headaches can cause the brain nerve to stimulate the pain fibers by itself, sometimes a vascular structure touching the pain area, and sometimes spontaneously, which can cause very severe pain that cannot be found when investigated. They have unbearable and severe pain that leaves the work they do. In fact, there are patients who have all their teeth pulled out, assuming that neuralgia pain is caused by teeth. “


Pointing out that in this case, patients who do not respond to treatment can be dragged into depression and suicide. Dr. Arlıer said, “There are some medications used in Sarada, surgeries or local interventions that will kill the nerves and numb them. Some patients do not respond to such treatments too much and the pain can become unbearable in their lives and the patients can go to the point of killing their lives. On the other hand, because severe attacks occur repeatedly every day, our patients have depression, followed by suicidal tendencies and suicide. ”


Arlıer noted that there has been a serious increase in the second group of headaches, called secondary headaches, which develop due to a certain disease, especially in the recent period, “The frequency of headaches triggered by these processes due to infection, inactivity, tension and depression, which we call secondary headaches, has almost exploded in the society. This corona, pandemic, inactivity, stress and other factors have started to be seen in our polyclinics.


Pointing out that many headaches can be benign, but they can be the precursor of life-threatening conditions such as brain infection, tumor and bleeding, Prof. Dr. Zülfikar Arlıer listed the vital signs that need attention as follows:

“If they experience the heaviest pain they have experienced in their lives, if the pain started after the age of 40, if it is unilateral, if it is unilateral, if it increases in the mornings, if it is accompanied by symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, lethargy, weakness, imbalance, double vision, fever, these people think that there may be a serious cause under them. They should consult a physician urgently. We especially recommend that these types of headaches be considered vital and investigated when these symptoms occur.

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