It is possible to control asthma symptoms

Turkish Thoracic Society Düzce Provincial Representative Prof. Dr. Ege Güleç Balbay stated that asthma is considered a very important public health problem by the World Health Organization (WHO), in a statement he made on the occasion of the “5th May World Asthma Day”.

Stating that according to WHO, it is estimated that 339 million people in the world have asthma, Balbay said:

“There is no drug treatment anywhere in the world that completely eliminates asthma. The purpose of asthma treatment is to control the complaints of the disease and to keep the patient’s life as close to normal. Asthma symptoms can be controlled with the appropriate drug therapy.

The most important innovation in the international and national asthma guide; It is a recommendation that they should be taken together with inhaler cortisone, which is the main therapeutic drug, instead of using breath-opening (rescue) drugs alone in the treatment of asthma attacks. “

“Asthma can occur at any age”

Referring to the misconceptions and correct information about asthma in the society, Balbay said, “Asthma is a childhood disease. The idea that it will disappear over time is wrong and asthma can occur at any age, including children, adolescents, adults and the elderly. does not improve. used the expressions.

Stating that the idea that asthma can only be controlled with high doses of cortisone is not true, Balbay made the following evaluations:

“Asthma can usually be controlled with low-medium dose inhaler cortisone. It is also wrong to think that asthma drugs are addictive and no drug used in the treatment of asthma has an addictive effect, that is, withdrawal symptoms do not occur when the drugs are stopped. asthma medications may need to be used for a long time. “

Prof. Dr. Balbay emphasized that it is important to inform patients and the society in order to eliminate the wrong known mistakes that may affect and reduce the patient’s compliance with the treatment.

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