It is recommended to limit acidic beverages for dental health in Ramadan.

Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal University Dental Faculty Orthodontics Specialist Inst. See. Saffet Dursun stated that limiting acidic beverages during Ramadan would be very beneficial for dental health.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Dursun said that oral and dental health is very important during Ramadan.

Pointing out the importance of patients applying to the necessary places without delay when they experience problems with their teeth during Ramadan, Dursun said, “One day loss from their fasting may cause more days later. Medication may take 5 days. This may take 5 days. Do not hesitate to have it treated during Ramadan.” said.

Dursun stated that it is necessary to be careful about eating and drinking, “The food group we fear the most are acidic beverages. It will be very beneficial for our teeth to limit them during Ramadan. Carbohydrate foods also directly affect and accelerate caries, so it is useful to limit this issue. ” He spoke in the form.

“Teeth definitely need to be brushed after suhoor”

Dursun pointed out that the most asked question to them nowadays is whether toothpaste breaks the fast or not, “The teeth should definitely be brushed before going to bed and after sahur. If we need to brush our teeth during fasting and take care of them, we recommend this to our patients. Let’s brush our teeth without paste. “The factor is to clean our teeth. It is mechanical cleaning. Even without paste, we get effective cleaning.” used the expressions.

Lecturer See. Dursun pointed out that bad breath is also common during Ramadan and said:

“Teeth and tissues in the mouth have an effect on bad breath. Of course, they have an effect in case of illness. Bad breath can have many different causes. Nasal discharge, ear problems, stomach, lungs and some diseases cause bad breath. First of all, we need to determine the origin of the problem. We often encounter bad breath in cases of gingivitis or infection. If these are treated, there is nothing too much trouble. “

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