It was said, “If you have an operation, you will die”, it came back to life with 4 surgeries at the same time!

Professor of Cardiovascular Surgeon, who performed the operation of Yardım, whose heart valve was replaced, the carotid artery was opened, 3 vessels were bypassed and the fistula in the heart vessels were repaired. Dr. Cengiz Köksal waited with his team for 48 hours after the operation. Köksal said, “My doctor for 25 years, I have performed thousands of heart surgeries. But I have not seen any other cases of these four risky situations, each requiring major surgery, in a single patient. It will go into the literature, ”he said.
Mother of 4 daughters, Vasfiye Yardım, struggled with heart and blood pressure diseases for about 15 years.

In Aid, who was taken to the hospital after his illness last February, 3 risky diseases that need to be operated were identified. In every hospital they went to, her daughters desperately sought healing for the old woman, who was said to be unable to get out of the surgery, and even if it was difficult to leave the intensive care unit. Vasfiye Yardım, with a last hope, Bezmialem Vakıf University Hospital Head of Cardiovascular Surgery Department Prof. Dr. Cengiz went to Köksal. It was found that in the heart of Yardım, 3 vessels were clogged, the heart valve needed to be changed, and because of the “fistula (abnormal connection)” in the heart vessels, clean blood and dirty blood were mixed.


Explaining that they were desperately looking for a surgeon who could operate on her mother, Nazan Yardım said, “We applied to different hospitals, but it was said that she would not be able to endure the surgery and that there is a risk of death even if she does not have surgery. It turns out that he was living with a ticking time bomb. We first consulted with his doctor who followed him. It was decided that this surgery should be done. However, it was said that this patient would die even if surgery was performed, or would die if not. We were so desperate? They say it dies even if we do it, or dies even if we do not. “We didn’t know what to do,” he said.

Saying that as sisters, they tried every way to restore their mothers’ health and could not hold back their tears, Nazan Yardım continued her words as follows:

“Then we found Cengiz Bey. Our Cengiz teacher first of all encouraged and encouraged us all like a psychologist. He suggested that everything would go well. We hospitalized my mother because she was going to have an operation. But another problem arose. There was congestion in the jugular vein. When a fourth surgery occurred, we were completely destroyed. Fortunately, his operation was successful. Cengiz Bey never left the hospital for 2 nights after the operation. The whole team was with us. They all managed the process very well. Desperate anticipation turned into eyes full of hope thanks to them. “


Prof. Dr. Cengiz Köksal, on the other hand, explained that the family was in a very desperate situation when it came to him and said:

“When Aunt Vasfiye came to us, I was faced with five pairs of anxious eyes with her daughters. They were so desperate. Because all the centers and doctors they visited so far have said that they cannot survive if they have surgery, but that they have no other choice than surgery. When he first arrived, there was a leak in the aortic valve, the valve had to be changed. Three vessels were blocked (to be bypassed), and coronary vessels had an abnormal junction of clean blood and dirty blood, which we call fistula. We talked for a long time with him and his relatives. We explained the process. When we hospitalized, carotid artery occlusion emerged this time. There was 90 percent congestion. Problem was at four. “


Stating that the anesthesiologists stated that all four surgeries should be completed in one session, Prof. Dr. Köksal said, “They said that he had to take anesthesia in one go and leave the intensive care unit at once. In the operation, we opened the jugular vein first, then we made three bypasses to the blocked vessels in his heart, then we replaced the heart valve and repaired the fistula. Then we took Vasfiye aunt into intensive care. “After performing such a major surgery, all of us, including me, as a team, did not leave the hospital for 48 hours”.


Prof. Dr. Köksal ended his words as follows:

“If you give these four problems to four different people, all of them are actually a separate reason for surgery. Moreover, it is very rare for these four problems to occur in one patient at the same time. It is one of the rare operations to be operated in the same session. My doctor for 25 years, I have performed thousands of heart surgeries, I have never encountered these four problems in one person and this surgery performed in the same session. Therefore, it was also a first for us. You are dealing with the patient’s jugular veins, the brain is a very, very sensitive organ. You need to do 3 different procedures in the heart, the heart is a very sensitive organ. In other words, our patient and his relatives have entrusted the two most sensitive organs, heart and brain to us. It was an extreme situation for me as well. Our greatest strength in operating a patient in a situation that everyone says cannot be operated on is the trust and love of the patients and their relatives for us. It is not a common situation in the literature. We will definitely publish it as a case report. “


Vasfiye Yardım, who underwent four major surgeries at the same time, was very plentiful for her grandchildren. Help, “Of course I was very scared. I was going to have three major surgeries, and a fourth one. The occlusion in the jugular vein was revealed. I bargained with my doctor, let’s not do all of them, do one or two now, and you can do two later. But my doctor said, will we have surgery in installments, we need to do it all together. Thank goodness I’m fine now ”he said.

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