It’s time to have a dental treatment! Here are dental treatments, practices and measures taken in the coronavirus process.

The Covid-19 virus caused sharp changes all over the world and in all areas of life. These changes also had their effect in the health field. So, in what direction did this extraordinary period, which obliged all humanity to take precautions, affect “orthodontic treatments”? Orthodontic Specialist Dr. Aylin Sezen Yalçın explained the dental treatments, applications and the importance taken in the coronavirus process.


Orthodontic Specialist Dr. Aylin Sezen Yalçın said, “The reasons such as the masked life that we started to practice with Covid-19, the pause of social life, the continuing work life of many people online (home office) increased the tendency towards dental treatments, especially orthodontic treatments. As an experienced orthodontist, I find this increase in demand logical. I comment to the people who consult me, ‘This period is the right time to have dental treatment’. “


We asked the reasons for the increase in orthodontic treatments, especially in this period, Dr. Aylin Yalçın,

“Among orthodontic treatment methods;

Fixed treatment with metal braces

Fixed treatment with ceramic braces

Lingual (applied from the back of the teeth) treatment

• Treatment with transparent plates (Invisalign)

• We can list the treatment methods performed with movable appliances.

The application of braces visible from the outside is an application that can cause aesthetically discomfort, especially to young adults. Many of these young people cannot open their mouths easily and laugh freely due to the strings attached. For this reason, most of the young people prefer lingual treatment more. In addition, we are now doing the treatments we do with transparent plates much more.

Young people who think that the appearance of the wires from the outside affects their aesthetic appearance negatively, taking advantage of the pandemic period and frequently apply to us for orthodontic treatment. . For a long time, continuing education-training life from homes online, social life interrupted, continuous use of masks, work life in home-office order, and aesthetic anxiety due to braces enable people to spend the treatment process without the people around them noticing. Of course, this period is not only young adults, but also many adults from different age groups are interested in orthodontic treatment. he spoke.


Yalçın said, “There is a possibility of experiencing mild pain in all methods performed from inside or outside, that is, in every orthodontic treatment. While this pain is felt very mildly by some patients, it may be experienced more clearly in others. With the use of painkillers, these problems pass without being felt. So much so that patients can get used to the applied wires within 2-3 days. No matter how difficult it is during the day, patients return to their normal lives within 1 week. The acclimation period of the wires inserted from the inside can sometimes take a little longer. In this respect, getting used to transparent plaque treatment takes a much shorter time. Here, in the period of getting used to and recovery after this treatment, it will be easier for everyone who receives treatment to spend a large part of the day at homes. said.


Dr. Aylin Sezen Yalçın said:

“Dental care is of great importance for every person, in every period. However, in the period of Covid-19, humanity’s understanding of the value of health much better, paying more attention to hygienic rules, giving more importance to their personal care, helped them to make better care that should be applied after dental treatments. After orthodontic treatments, much more food accumulates in the mouth than normally accumulates. This can lead to damages such as gingivitis, plaque and tooth decay. Therefore, oral hygiene is extremely important after treatment. After the treatment, the use of hygienic products such as dental floss and brush, mouth shower should be increased. In summary, normally the time allotted for cleaning teeth should be doubled. This is only provided more easily in this period when most of the people are usually at home and attach more importance to hygiene than they normally do. ”


Yalçın said, “I would like to make suggestions to those who are considering orthodontic dental treatment from here. It is very important that orthodontic treatment is done by orthodontics specialists. If you also need dental treatments that can be treated with orthodontic treatment; You should apply to a dental clinic where experienced and expert dentists serve, where you are sure that the hygienic and Covid-19 rules are fully implemented and precautions are taken completely. However, I must also say that I believe that dentists make every effort to take all kinds of precautions during the pandemic period. Don’t be late to act. Because postponing the treatment causes the current problem to progress. ” said.

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