‘Magnetic rod’ treatment for children with spinal curvature

Spinal curvature patients coming from Erzurum as well as the surrounding provinces to Atatürk University Research Hospital, Assoc. Dr. He is being treated by Sinan Yılar and his team.

Initially, exercise and corset treatment are initiated for infant and child patients admitted to the center with spinal curvature. Children under the age of 10 with severe spinal curvature are surgically fitted with two magnetic rods that provide heightening as well as correcting the curvature and are provided by the state.

Thus, children who regain their health gain the required height with a 2-minute extension procedure in polyclinic conditions without the need for other surgery.

Assoc. Dr. Sinan Yılar said to the AA reporter that the disease known as humpback among the people is deformities in the spine, and that the spine of a normal person should be straight when viewed from the front and 20 to 40 degrees forward curvature when viewed from the side.

Yılar stated that if there is a lateral curvature when the spine is viewed from the front, it is called kyphosis if there is a curvature of more than 40-50 degrees forward, and that scoliosis is seen in all age groups.

“Parents can easily understand scoliosis in children”

Years, pointing out that it is easy to understand scoliosis curvatures above 20 degrees, said, “When parents examine children naked, ‘is the head in the center on the body, is one shoulder higher than the other, is there a leg length difference, is the ribs of one side more pronounced than the other? “Equal, one hip higher than the other,” he can easily understand this situation. ” said.

Yılar said that they applied exercises for curvatures below 20 degrees and corset if the height growth continues, and that they treat curvatures above 50 degrees with a surgical method.

Yılar explained that curvatures that were diagnosed with scoliosis before the age of 10 and requiring surgery are difficult groups of patients and that fusion surgery cannot be performed in these patients.

“In order for these children to reach their normal heights and to achieve organ development, the spine needs to be elongated. The newest method for this is surgery with magnetic rods. In the first stage, we correct the curvature of the spine by surgery and place a magnetic rod. Then, in outpatient clinic conditions, painless, non-surgical, every 3 months. With these rods, we stretch their length by 2-3 millimeters, correct the curvature and provide the ideal height extension. In the past, we used to operate the children every 6 months for the lengthening procedure. Currently, magnetic rods of an average of 70 thousand lira are covered by the state support. “

Children with magnetic sticks can continue their normal lives

Noting that children with magnetic sticks can continue their normal lives comfortably after the surgery, Yılar emphasized that these children can go to school and do sports activities after the 20th day.

Yılar stated that they successfully performed around 400 spinal curvature surgeries and followed around 3 thousand patients.

7-year-old Afşin’s father, Yunus Handemir, who had scoliosis surgery, said, “My daughter’s surgery and treatments were successful. Thank you very much to Sinan, she took care of her like her own daughter. said.

As Afşin regained his health, Dr. He thanked Yılar.

Dr. Yılar also stated that Afşin’s spinal curvature was corrected and height was increased by surgery.

13-year-old Yaser Şen’s father, Burhanettin Şen, who was operated 5 years ago, said that they noticed the curvature of his child’s back late and said, “We went to various hospitals for a long time for treatment, but did not get results. When Yaser was 5 years old, when he saw that he had a curvature like a hunchback, he told me. We were very sorry for the family that he would be crippled. We reached Sinan in Erzurum. Thanks to him, he successfully operated. We are very pleased with our doctor and the hospital. ” he spoke.

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