Men and women with Covid can smell these odors

Erol AKKIR / ANTALYA, (DHA) | Thursday, April 01, 2021 – 18:05 | Last Updated: 01 04 2021 – 18:05

Akdeniz University (AU) faculty member Prof. Dr. Murat Altaş and Dr. Murat Duyan conducted a research on Covid-19 and the loss of smell. The research revealed that the odor loss was not permanent in those who had Covid-19, but after 6 months after the disease date, they were more likely to detect odors differently. Dr. Murat Duyan said that women who survived the coronavirus regained their ability to smell after 72 days and men after 87 days, but they found that men perceived ‘burnt rubber’ and women perceived ‘rotten onion’ smell.

Among the symptoms of coronavirus, the loss of smell is in the first place. Professor of the Department of Brain and Neurosurgery, Akdeniz University. Dr. Murat Altaş, Dr. In the study conducted with Murat Duyan and a team including specialist physicians, it was revealed that the odor loss was not permanent in those who had Covid-19, but the possibility of perceiving odors differently after 6 months after the disease date was revealed. In the study, it was revealed that patients who had Covid-19 regained their ability to smell, but the smell perceived by men was like burnt rubber, and what women perceived was the smell of rotten onion.


Dr. Stating that one of the most important symptoms of the new type of coronavirus epidemic that affects the world is the loss of smell, Murat Duyan said, “This situation, which is called ‘anosmia’ in medical language, has been the subject of many studies.” Dr. Duyan said, “We sent our patients with odor perception disorder to an international medical journal as a clinical study. Our study was published. After being infected with Covid-19, anosmia with total odor loss can develop. Male patients start to smell after 87 days after total odor loss. Interesting here. “Our female patient started to smell about 72 days after the loss of smell. But the smells reminded of the smell of rotten onions.”


Stating that these patients with Covid-19 were diagnosed with ‘parosmia’, which is a olfactory disorder, after neurological, psychiatric and ear, nose and throat (ENT) examinations, Dr. Murat Duyan said, “Although it has been about 5-6 months, our patients still have smell disorder. We directed our patients to receive scent training to our physicians in the ENT department due to the loss of smell function.”


Stating that anosmia continues for a few weeks after the patient gets rid of Covid-19, Dr. Murat Duyan said, “However, there is not enough data on how long the parosmia (perception of existing odors) period lasts in the late period. In the light of our report, we recommend that Covid-19 patients with odor disorders should be followed up as they may have symptoms that may occur in the late period. to be directed to otolaryngologists, “he said.

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