Mothers with coronavirus should continue to breastfeed their babies

gave | 04 May 2021 Tuesday – 12:42 | Last Updated: 04 05 2021 – 12:42

Stating that there is confusion in the society about whether mothers who have coronavirus should continue breastfeeding, Microbiologist Öğr. See. Dr. Ipek Ada Alver said, “Covid-positive mothers who receive contact, quarantine or hospital treatment should definitely continue to breastfeed their babies.”

Stating that breast milk is a miraculous armor for baby health, Mikrobiologist Inst. See. Dr. İpek Ada Alver, “Microbiostatic (stopping the growth of microorganisms), microbicidal (killing microorganisms), anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory) effect on pathogenic (pathogenic) microorganisms, especially carbohydrate, fat, proteins and minerals in breast milk, There are enhancer immunoglobulins (such as IgA, IgG, IgM, IgD, IgE). Breast milk is almost a natural vaccine and shows miraculous armor for baby health. Within the first 30 minutes-1 hour after birth, the baby should be given colostrum milk with a darker consistency and yellowish color called “first milk”. Because there is a high rate of immunoglobulins in colostrum milk secreted during the first 5 days after birth, and no food in nature contains such immune system enhancing factors. “Colostrum covers the baby’s gastrointestinal system by forming a mucosal layer and thus protects the newborn against pathogenic microorganisms coming from the outside environment.”


İpek Ada Alver made the following recommendations to Covid-positive mothers who are breastfeeding or in home quarantine: “The mother should pay attention to general body hygiene and breast hygiene. Clothes of the mother and other family members should be separated from the baby’s clothes and washed with detergent at 60 degrees. Especially before breastfeeding, the environment where the mother is located should be well ventilated, the mother should wash her hands for at least 20 seconds before breastfeeding or expressing milk, and the mother should wear a mask while breastfeeding or milking. If milking method will be used instead of breastfeeding, the breast pump should be separated and boiled for 30 minutes at 100 degrees before and after each milking, or it should be sterilized in desktop autoclaves, and after washing the milking equipment, it should definitely be rinsed and dried. Bacteria and other microorganisms can multiply rapidly in equipment that remains moist. After milking, it should be preserved with appropriate methods. After milking, it can stay at room temperature for 3 hours and in a refrigerator at +4 degrees for 24 hours. In deep freezers, it can be stored for a maximum of 3 months at -18 degrees. On the other hand, milk stored in the refrigerator and freezer should not be boiled directly, as there is a possibility of a decrease in protein content, but should be heated with the BenMari method. While preserving milk, milking bags should be kept by making sure that their mouths are closed and labels with milking and expiration dates should definitely be affixed on them. It should not be forgotten that storage bags are disposable and should not be washed and used again. Milking equipment should be washed in clean containers, not in the sink. “


Dr. Lecturer İpek Ada Alver can stay in the same room with a distance of at least 2 meters between the mother and the baby, who are treated with Covid at the hospital. In this case, there should not be any other infected patients in the room, except for the mother and baby. The mother can breastfeed her baby after wearing a mask and with the support of a healthcare professional wearing protective equipment or a healthy adult personnel and ensuring hand – breast hygiene. If the mother is being treated at the hospital or if there are medications she uses for treatment, the breastfeeding period should be planned in consultation with the doctor. Because it is known that some drugs pass into milk and may cause side effects or damage to organs by passing from mother to baby with breastfeeding.

Dr. Lecturer İpek Ada Alver also emphasized that mothers should have Covid during breastfeeding or after the first 3 months of pregnancy. Alver also warned that it is critical that Covid-positive mothers do not disrupt their treatment.

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