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gave | Friday, March 19, 2021 – 13:18 | Last Updated: 19 03 2021 – 13:18

Turkey also encountered the most powerful weapon against the virus mutated pointed out that the immune system Dr. Lecturer Member Aylin Türksever Tetiker made warnings. Tetiker said, “We can fight this epidemic together by taking the necessary precautions until the vaccination is made at the highest level.”

The coronavirus epidemic continues all over the world. For the first time in the mutated virus have been found in Turkey emerging in Europe. It was announced by the Ministry of Health that the cases were followed seriously and cases of mutated viruses were also detected.

Dr. Lecturer Member Aylin Türksever Tetiker, “Our most powerful weapon against the mutated virus is our immune system. Then, we can fight this epidemic together by taking the necessary precautions until it is vaccinated. Mutation is the permanent changes that occur in the DNA or RNA sequence of an organism or virus. The organism is named as mutant. Despite all the precautions, mutant viruses are increasing day by day all over the world and in our country. In hospitals, all precautions are taken more strictly and isolation rules are applied for patients infected with mutated virus. “


Expressing that there is no information that the mutation has a negative effect on the severity of the disease, Tetiker said, “However, experts have reported that the mutated virus is transmitted 1.5 times faster. For this reason, the time is shortened in the environment, and a double mask is worn. Mutant virus can transmit disease even with a small amount of virus. For this reason, it is necessary to prevent the gathering of communities and to increase the distance from 1.5 meters to 2 meters. It is also recommended to limit the duration of staying in the same environment to 10 minutes. Especially by reducing our coexistence time in closed areas, we can prevent the airborne particles from reaching us and prevent the transmission of the disease “expressions. used.

Despite the spread, there is a decrease in hospital admissions

Stating that although the number of PCR positive cases increased after the spread of the mutated virus, it was reported that there was a decrease in the number of intensive care units and hospitalizations, Tetiker completed his words as follows: “There may be different reasons. The increase in air temperature is an important factor due to the spring season. In addition, while the immune system is weaker in winter, it gets stronger in the spring and summer period. The frequency of viral infections also decreases in this period. Admission to the hospital when the first symptoms appear also facilitates early diagnosis and treatment. “

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