One of the most common effects of corona! If it does not go away within 2 weeks …

According to the research published in the Oxford Academic, it is estimated that 77 percent of those who catch Kovid-19 experience some kind of sense of smell.

People who have lost their sense of smell as a result of being infected may experience a discomfort called “parosmia”, which will be disturbed later by smells that were previously normal to them.

Several studies have shown that olfactory training can help those who have lost some or all of their sense of smell due to other viral diseases such as sinus infections.

Odor training, which is similar to physical therapy and needs to be repeated, requires sniffing strong scents twice a day for months to stimulate the olfactory system and help it return to its former state.

In the study, it is stated that if the loss of smell in people has not improved after two weeks, odor training can be started.

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