‘Overexposure to electronics may increase the risk of epilepsy in children’

In the statement made by the Turkish Neurology Association on the occasion of March 26, World Epilepsy Awareness Day, Association President Prof. Dr. Şerefnur Öztürk and Board Member Prof. Dr. Nerses Bebek’s views were included.

Ozturk, epilepsy self-evident that it is a disease with a variety of seizure, approximately 65 million in the world, he said there was 750 thousand epilepsy patients in Turkey.

Expressing that 2.4 million new epilepsy patients are detected every year in the world, Öztürk pointed out that epilepsy is the second most common neurological disease after headache among outpatient applications.

Ozturk, “Unfortunately, patients with epilepsy are hiding in the society, which causes them not to reach effective treatment. The quality of life of these patients is further reduced due to the prejudices of the society.” found the assessment.

Explaining that 80 percent of patients in countries with low economic income cannot access treatment, Öztürk said:

“In our country, not being able to fully recognize epileptic seizures, the efforts of parents with epileptic children to hide their children and keep them away from social life both prevent the treatment of these children and prevent them from getting education, having a job, and establishing a family. However, we know that epilepsy can be treated to a large extent. These patients not only maintain their daily lives well, they can even achieve great success in important areas such as art, science and management. “

Öztürk stated that epilepsy can occur without any reason, as well as infections, accidents and traumas, bleeding, vascular diseases, nutritional disorders, metabolic and genetic diseases that affect the brain and brain membrane.

Pointing out that epilepsy can become widespread with consanguineous marriages, Öztürk said, “Today, excessive exposure to electronic media may increase the risk of epilepsy, especially in children.” warned.

Prof. Dr. Öztürk emphasized that there are studies aimed at the causes of epilepsy and therapeutic purposes, and that the treatment of patients who do not respond to classical drug therapy can be successfully performed with newly developed drugs, surgical and interventional methods.

“60-70 percent of patients can live a life without problems”

Board Member Prof. Dr. Stating that drug treatment options have been developed to prevent the development of epilepsy seizures, 60-70 percent of the patients can live a problem-free life by using regular medication, staying under the control of a doctor, taking care of drug therapy. show. ” used the expressions.

Noting that epilepsy patients can live the expected length of life, get married and have children, and continue their education and business life, Bebek continued as follows:

“It is of utmost importance that people are informed by the health center and physicians they are regularly followed up, problems that may be encountered, social support, follow-up of possible side effects, consultancy on marriage and child health. reporting and taking an active role in the treatment process are at least as effective as drugs. “

Underlining that it is not possible to stop the contractions of individuals who have seizures by force, the baby said, “To prevent the person from being hurt, falling, and injuring, to remove sharp objects, to secure his head, to put an object that will not get into his throat and harm his teeth without clenching his teeth. It is appropriate to inform. Persistently opening his teeth, pouring water, tugging cause injuries. ” warned.

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