‘Panic attack abstracts the situation from social life’

gave | Monday, March 01, 2021 – 14:47 | Last Updated: 01 03 2021 – 14:47

In Samsun, Expert Clinical Psychologist Mehmet Cem Yiğit stated that panic attack is one of the most common psychological problems that every individual can encounter throughout his life and said, “This problem affects the lives of individuals seriously. they come to be almost isolated from life, “he said.

Expert Clinical Psychologist Mehmet Cem Yiğit stated that panic attack, which is one of the common psychological problems, can seriously affect the lives of people. Stating that every individual may have feelings of anxiety and fear in certain periods of their life, but panic attack should not be confused with this, Yiğit said, “Anxiety and fear are emotional reactions to events faced. Therefore, it is quite normal. For this reason, panic attack situation, fear and anxiety. In the usual fear and anxiety, the physical symptoms of the person may occur. These are the symptoms caused by the emotion felt. However, in case of panic attack, these symptoms seriously affect the patient’s life. they almost become isolated, “he said.


Specialist Clinical Psychologist Mehmet Cem Yiğit said that the physical symptoms brought about by the fear and anxiety felt in panic attacks are very strong and uncontrollable, and said, “Although there is no real event or any situation that causes anxiety in panic attack, fear attack develops quite intensely. In panic attacks, which are frightening and alarming for the person, people often think that they cannot breathe and have a heart attack. It is often very difficult for the person to control this situation. In general, the attacks last between 10 and 20 minutes and then the symptoms disappear. “it can be seen that the attacks take much longer,” he said.

Expressing that panic attack affects life negatively in many ways, Yiğit said, “People with panic attack problems often do not want to be outside and go to places they do not know. The development of an attack is triggered in any foreign environment. Therefore, these people isolate themselves from social life. As a result, the progression of panic attacks and the development of a sense of loneliness are normal. “

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