Pay attention to these during the full closing process!

Mediterranean University Rector Prof. Dr. Özkan, who is missed, told the AA correspondent that one of the two important weapons in the fight against the epidemic is vaccination and the other is to minimize contact.

Emphasizing that he finds the full closure decision announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan very positive during the period when the number of cases and dangerous escalation in intensive care units is experienced, Özkan stated that the full closure will also prevent the risk of a new climbing wave, especially if it includes the holiday period where the human movement is expected to intensify.

Stating that this process should be evaluated as an opportunity in the fight against Kovid-19, Özkan said:

“The places with the highest contagion are listed as domestic, workplaces and public transportation. With complete closure, these contacts will be minimized. Our citizens need to minimize the contact between the family and neighbors. In this process, the number of cases and intensive care after the holidays accelerates. We are all tired and worn out for a long time. Our healthcare professionals are much more tired and have lost their relatives. Therefore, we will be patient to protect ourselves, our loved ones and the healthcare professionals who have been worn out in this process, and we will follow the rules at home. we can overcome it. “

“Diseases seen in vaccinated adults decreased”

Professor of Infectious Diseases, Faculty of Medicine, Akdeniz University. Dr. Ata Nevzat Yalçın stated that the decision of full closure taken throughout the country will start to show results within 10-14 days.

Pointing out that they expect a decrease in the number of patients with contact and hospitalization, Yalçın stated that the source of contamination is important for both hospitalized patients and contact-related problems.

Emphasizing that workplaces and public transportation are among the places where the risk of contamination is high, Yalçın said:

“Domestic contamination is generally an issue that can be partially avoided. During the complete closure process, we should take care to reduce intra-family contact, we should pay attention to our diet and sleep patterns. The complete closure process should not cause concern. An important measure taken for the health of the citizen. Because cases have increased, the age groups of patients in intensive care have dropped a lot. “

Explaining that the diseases are decreasing in the vaccinated adult age groups, Yalçın warned that the basic hygiene rules and precautions should not be neglected during the closure process.

“One of the key points that changed the course of the epidemic is the UK variant”

Prof. Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Medical Microbiology. Dr. Derya Mutlu also said that variants of viruses are transmitted much faster.

Stating that one of the key points that changed the course of the epidemic is the England variant, Mutlu said:

“When we started working on the UK variant 1.5 months ago in our laboratory, 5 percent of the positives were variants. In our analysis we conducted yesterday, we found that this rate reached 80 percent. 8 out of every 10 positive cases we detected are the UK variant. It is transmitted faster than many people anticipate. For him, you should definitely not go to the neighbor in full closure. During this period, they should exercise and eat healthy. “

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