Possibility of ‘mutation’ in getting corona for the second time

gave | 05 March 2021 Friday – 18:00 | Last Updated: 05 03 2021 – 18:08

Chest Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. After Bülent Tutluoğlu caught coronavirus after a year, ‘getting sick for the second time’ was among the most curious subjects. Infectious Diseases Specialist Dr. Lecturer Member Cengiz Uzun said, “If a person has been vaccinated or survived the coronavirus and still gets the disease again, the cause may be mutation,” he said.

Chest Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Bülent Tutluoğlu announced for the second time that he was caught in coronavirus. On top of that, getting caught in coronavirus for the second time was among the most curious issues. Medicana International Istanbul Hospital Infectious Diseases Specialist Dr. Lecturer Cengiz Uzun shared important information about the coronavirus and the antibody it creates in the body and drew attention to the risk of mutation.

Emphasizing that the virus has an RNA structure, Dr. Lecturer Member Cengiz Uzun said, “According to that information, the body creates some antibodies. The body is protected by these antibodies. Later, when the body encounters the virus, it responds with antibodies in a ready manner, kills the virus and you do not get the disease. However, in the mutation seen in our country, this situation is not possible, it responds to the vaccine. The British mutation is more comfortable. There were some reservations about the South African mutation. There is also a Brazilian mutation. The Brazilian mutation seems a little more troublesome. .


Dr. Lecturer “If a person gets coronavirus again, it is probably why it is a mutation. If the mutation of the current mutations progresses and becomes more frequent, then the number of cases increases. If we say that we have had the virus once in 10 thousand, once in a hundred thousand, then this situation will increase even more. Cases of coronavirus for the second time were reported. However, these are not too many. Another reason for this is that the virus may not have disappeared completely from the body. The virus may remain silent in the body for a while and become active again. In other words, if the first virus you caught and the virus detected later are exactly the same, this is often either not lost or there is a difference in the virus, “he said.


Stating that there are some question marks in the minds of citizens about vaccination and antibodies, Uzun explained:

“There will be a question in people’s mind. We are getting vaccinated, but do we get corona? We need to have data on when the antibody of the vaccine will end. It will probably protect. My opinion is that it will be protective for a longer time. There is a difference between the antibody level formed when we vaccinate in those who do not have coronavirus, and the antibody levels formed in those who have passed the corona and have the vaccine. gets longer. “


Infectious Diseases Specialist, who warns about compliance with social distance, masks and hygiene rules. Lecturer Cengiz Uzun said, “The process is a dynamic process both regionally and temporally. Because everything can change from today to tomorrow. If the number of cases in Istanbul doubled today, we would have to close it immediately again. If we do not want to go back to the past, let’s be a little more patient, at least settle with what we have. Let’s continue to follow the rules. Again, let’s obey the mask, social distance rules. Let’s not force the crowd. We need to increase the number of vaccines. Protection and antibody formation rates are high. Therefore, if we increase the vaccination, we can get rid of the virus in a much shorter time without a new peak. “

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