‘Priority for cadaver lung and small intestine transplantation in Turkish patients’

gave | Sunday, April 11, 2021 – 17:56 | Last Updated: 11 04 2021 – 17:56

Akdeniz University (AU) Rector Prof. Dr. Özkan stated that many patients from abroad have contacted them after they announced that they are targeting small intestine and lung transplantation, and said “Turkish citizens are the priority for those who will be transplanted from cadavers.”

At AU Hospital, 4 thousand 830 kidneys, 647 liver, 107 heart, 78 pancreas, 5 face, 4 extremities and 1 uterus have been transplanted since the organ transplantation started. In 2021, 38 kidney and 26 liver transplants were signed. Prof. Dr. In addition to successful kidney, liver and heart transplants, operations such as face transplantation, double arm transplantation and uterus transplantation were performed at Tuncer Karpuzoğlu Organ Transplant Institute Center.


AÜ Rector Özlenen Özkan announced that they are aiming to perform lung and small intestine transplants recently, and after the news spread, many patients from abroad contacted them. Prof. Dr. Özkan emphasized that organ transplants are very important for human life and stated that many patients are waiting for treatment. Prof. Dr. Özkan Özkan said, “We had a certain patient list, but after the news, it increased more. He tried to reach us what he needed. We want to go with firm steps. The coronavirus prevents us. The first job you do should be very successful so that you will not be motivated and of course not be disappointed by some circles. Let’s not hurt people. In this sense, it is necessary to go more guaranteed. Both the environment should be suitable for corona and the patients should be very prepared. We are planning this as soon as possible. It is very important that every stage is complete. If you get stuck in a place, then it grows like an avalanche. “We are planning to do this surgery in a short time after completing it. Some people from outside of Antalya and even abroad have reached us. We will try to do whatever we can to do the best,” he said.


Stating that all organ transplants are very difficult, Prof. Dr. Özkan stated that complications that may develop after transplantation are very important. Prof. Dr. Özlan Özkan said, “It is not suitable to be transplanted everywhere, because there are very serious complications results. The more patients you apply it, the more your complications. This is inevitable fact. In this sense, very experienced places have to do. As long as they can cope with complications. Certainly, surgeries are very difficult. “Dealing with complications afterwards requires experience. In this sense, all of them are very necessary but important surgeries that should be done in very experienced places, which are important for human life.”


Prof. Dr. Özkan, who was missed, stated that they made some of the transplants from living beings and some from cadavers, “People who came with their donors searched for living things. They sent us an e-mail and contacted us, but it is better to wait a little longer because of the corona. However, for those who will be from cadavers, the priority is for Turkish citizens. does not seem suitable for patients, “he said.

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