‘Probiotics reduce the risk of Kovid-19 by 15 percent’

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Baş said that kefir, a fermented beverage, has a history of 5 thousand years.

Stating that kefir is the secret of longevity for the nations of the Caucasus, which has a life span of 100-120 years, Baş said that kefir is obtained by fermenting milk.

Prof. Dr. Stating that unlike yogurt, a kefir yeast called “kefir grain” is used, Murat Baş gave the following information:

“Kefir yeast is also called ‘Corn of the Prophet’. Kefir contains a probiotic bacterium that we call lactic acid bacteria. This lactic acid bacteria are actually yeast species that can ferment the drink and food it is put into. The fermenting technique is not much different from yogurt. You put the yeast in the milk and cover it in a dark way, then kefir is formed in about 10-12 hours. If you like a darker consistency and sour taste, you can keep it for 24 hours. ” he spoke.

“There is a lot of scientific evidence that kefir is good for diseases”

Baş pointed out that kefir has become the most preferred beverage among fermented beverages for 15 years in the world, and continued as follows.

“There are many studies and scientific evidence that kefir is good for diseases. That’s why kefir has now turned into a drink that is enjoyed. Studies have shown that kefir yeast contains more than 60 kinds of bacteria and yeast. Kefir is a good alternative for those who like sour taste in our palate, and those who like sweet flavors do not prefer it much. “

Prof. Dr. Baş stated that the “Microbiome Project” started all over the world in 2007 and that the aim was to discover organisms living in the body, “After this project started, it was revealed that we live with 100 trillion microorganisms in our body. Bacteria started to come to the fore. We knew that kefir was also a very good probiotic. We started to hear more about the name of kefir after it was realized that intestinal health is associated with many diseases and probiotics and fermented drinks became more popular. ” he spoke.

“Kefir yogurt is healthier than normal yogurt”

Stating that kefir is not a disadvantage as an industrial substance, Baş continued as follows:

“Kefir, 20 years ago, they were looking for cancer patients somehow. It was very difficult to find that yeast. Kefir yeast is a yeast that can grow on its own, like cauliflower. You can share it with those around you as it grows. But there is a problem with fermented beverages outside. Harmful microorganisms can interfere with the beverage or food you make. Therefore, if we want to talk about a standard kefir, it is an advantage for us to be industrial. It has to be a standard. In order to be a standard, it must be fermented with certain kefir yeasts in an industrial environment. “

Stating that kefir yoghurts are now available, Baş stated that both kefir and yoghurt yeast are used simultaneously for yoghurt.

Prof. Dr. Baş stated that yogurts made at home or bought from the market are not probiotics, microorganisms and bacteria in yogurt are broken down by stomach acids while passing through the digestive system and cannot reach the large intestine.

Baş said, “But we want the bacteria we call probiotic to reach the large intestine. Because if they reach the large intestine, they will be able to do useful work there. Therefore, kefir yogurts can pass the digestive system and reach the large intestine due to their probiotic properties coming from rubber acid bacteria. This is the most important feature of kefir yogurt. It is healthier than normal yogurt. On the other hand, fermenting also increases the amount of vitamin B12 in the product. It also increases the amount of calcium a little. Therefore, the fermented product becomes a product that is richer in terms of nutritional values. used the expressions.

“Probiotics reduce the risk of Kovid-19 by 15 percent”

Drawing attention to the health benefits of kefir products, Baş completed his speech as follows:

“Kefir yogurt and kefir will support and benefit bone health due to the calcium it contains. We are in the pandemic period, immunity is very important. Probiotic bacteria are very important bacteria to strengthen immunity. In a study conducted in England, around 15 percent of probiotic bacteria against Kovid-19 infection. Probiotics are therefore important microorganisms for a healthy life. Studies have shown that kefir yeast contains more than 60 types of bacteria and yeast. This makes them a very rich and diverse source of probiotics. “

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