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After the Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca shared the ‘Weekly Number of Cases by City’ map between 6-12 March, Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University Health, Practice and Research Hospital, Department of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Alper Şener evaluated the increasing numbers by provinces in the corona virus epidemic.

Turkey, indicating that the third wave of Prof. Şener said, “Almost all of Europe is experiencing the third wave in corona virus. in the third wave in Turkey. The numbers show it. There has been a relative decrease in countries where vaccination has been made. However, the vaccination rate in Europe is not as widespread as the United States. 3rd wave while still in an active way in the whole of Europe, according to figures in Turkey in the 3rd wave techniques as currently, “he said.


Prof. dr. Reminding that the epidemic can be prevented in the world by reducing human traffic and popularizing the vaccine, Alper Şener said:

“There are two kinds of precautions we have been talking about since the beginning of the epidemic around the world. First, we need to reduce human traffic. It is to prevent people from going out by staying at home consciously or to prevent human traffic with partial bans. We are alternately trying the method of reducing human traffic. It is tried in this way throughout Europe. The second measure that can break this wave is the popularization of the vaccine and the fact that more than a certain number of people in the society have received a single or double dose vaccine. Turkey is trying to take both steps balanced. But unfortunately, as far as we can see in the fight against corona virus, this speed has not slowed in many countries of Europe. The rate cut was an outbreak in Turkey. We think this climb trend will continue for a while. “


Stating that the widespread use of subtypes of the mutant virus in Çanakkale has increased the number of cases, Prof. Şener said, “The climbing trend in numbers has increased in the past month. We started with 33s per 100 thousand and now it has increased to 140 per 100 thousand. There are multiple reasons why this upward trend continues. The first reason may be that our citizens will be angry, but the compliance with the rules is less. We observe this in the field. The second factor is that mutant virus subtypes have become widespread in Çanakkale. The reason is 3’c remain low vaccination rates in Canakkale already we look at the average of Turkey. In order to slow the speed of the virus, we need to pay attention to this triple hair leg. If we do not want the corona virus to increase, we will either spread immunity in the disease-related society through vaccination or reduce human traffic to break the circulation speed of the virus. If we cannot reduce the human traffic; “Those wandering outside should pay maximum attention to the transmission routes of the virus, such as masks, distance and hand hygiene.”

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