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gave | Wednesday, April 14, 2021 – 18:24 | Last Updated: 14 04 2021 – 18:24

Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Fulya Akın warned that people with Type 1 diabetes, those who use insulin or pills that increase insulin secretion should not fast. Prof. Dr. Akın said, “If a person’s sugar drops below 60 or exceeds 300 during the day, he / she has to quit fasting.”

Stating that diabetes patients in the high-risk group should consult a physician before fasting, Bahçeşehir University Hospital Medical Park Göztepe Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Fulya Akın made important warnings.


Stating that people with type 1 diabetes, those using insulin or using pills that increase insulin secretion cannot fast, Prof. Dr. Fulya Akın said, “In addition, those who have bad blood sugar adjustment in the last 3 months should not fast, if possible. But if the values ​​are stable, if there is no other disease accompanying diabetes, such as cardiovascular disease, kidney, nerve disease, neuropathy that cannot detect low blood sugar, these people can fast, ”he said.

Stating that the deterioration in blood sugar setting is life-threatening, Prof. Dr. Akın made the following warnings:

“The most important health problem seen in diabetic patients is the deterioration of blood sugar. A decrease or increase in blood sugar can be seen during fasting. These people may experience fluid loss and the problem of vascular coagulation may occur. If the 3-month blood sugar average HbA1c is below 6.5, if the person has not been admitted to the hospital due to a decrease or increase in blood sugar in the last 3 months, if there is no cardiovascular disease, kidney problem or nerve damage, these people can fast as a result of the physician’s evaluation. There is no harm in their fasting. People should confirm that their sugar setting, diet plan and insulin levels are good with the permission of their doctor. “


Reminding that people who fast without taking precautions may experience a sudden decrease in sugar, Prof. Dr. Akın said, “Hypoglycemia in other words lowering of blood sugar is a very important event. It can take the person into a coma. There are situations such as feeling of badness, sweating, shaking in the hands, palpitations, feeling bad and loss of consciousness in diabetes. People should be able to measure glucose during the day. If they have blood glucose meters, they should stop fasting if their sugar drops below 60 during the day. If their blood sugar exceeds 300, they will still have to stop fasting. Fasting sugar should be between 80 and 130. It is ideal if the toughness does not exceed 180. When it goes below 60, irreversible events occur ”.


Explaining that insulin resistance called secret sugar is very common in the society, Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Fulya Akin, “There are 11 million diabetics in Turkey. He’s also more of a latent diabetic. These people are particularly fond of sugary foods, sleepiness and weakness after meals. We evaluate such people and follow them by giving diet, medication and exercising. If those people have intolerance to hunger and their sugar drops when they are very hungry, we do not recommend fasting. “There are patients that we usually take under very good control with medication”.


Warning diabetic patients to stay away from desserts, which are indispensable for Ramadan, Prof. Dr. Fulya Akın said, “People with insulin resistance should not consume sweets with sugar and sherbet. Instead, they should prefer milk desserts. They can eat fruit, 1 portion of fruit will be enough, and we recommend that they consume the fruit 2 hours after iftar. We recommend the consumption of milk desserts such as rice pudding, rose pudding, ice cream and pudding ”.

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