Research: people who have had Covid-19 can have a single dose of vaccine – health news

According to the research conducted in the USA, it has been announced that one dose of Covid-19 vaccine is as good as two doses of Covid-19 vaccine for those who have corona virus before.

Dr. According to the research conducted by Susan Cheng and her colleagues, the antibody levels of people who had previously had Covid-19 were examined.

In the peer-reviewed report published in the journal Nature Medicine, it was stated that people who had Covid-19 and recovered were a single dose of vaccine, and that two doses of vaccination of people who did not have the virus caused similar antibody levels.

Dr. Susan Cheng said the findings support the argument that people infected with the virus can only manage with a single dose of vaccine.

The researchers concluded in the report that “a second dose of vaccine does not provide significantly more benefit to previously infected persons than a single dose.”

In CNN’s news, it was stated that the study was critical for vaccine supply, and that important data were obtained for the vaccination of more people.

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