‘Risk of death is very high in kidney patients with Kovid-19’

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Turkish Nephrology Association General Secretary Prof. Dr. Reminding that nearly 3 million people have died worldwide in the Kovid-19 epidemic so far, Mustafa Arıcı said, “However, nearly this number of kidney patients die every year due to kidney disease. Kidney patients are among the highest risk groups for Kovid-19 infection in terms of disease categories. “If a person is both elderly and kidney patients, the risk of death from Kovid-19 increases very much,” he said.

Secretary General of the Turkish Nephrology Association, Hacettepe University Internal Diseases Department Lecturer Prof. Dr. Mustafa Arıcı told DHA that kidney disease is not an easy disease. Stating that the greatest strength of the patient is the strength of holding on to life, Arıcı noted that the patient can take the fight against the disease much better and successfully by holding on to life. Stating that they organize awareness activities with the slogan ‘I am a Kidney Patient, I’m Committed to Life’, Arıcı said, “This is the main purpose of our campaign. The more interactions with their family, friends, children and neighborhood, the more a kidney patient clings to life, the more successful the treatment process. he said.

Chronic kidney disease, indicating that a major health problem affecting almost one of every 8-10 people in the adult population in Turkey both in the world of beekeepers, “you Why ask if this epidemic, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, leading to an unhealthy diet and lack of exercise all kidney disease Obesity, inactivity, unfortunately, are important problems of today’s modern age.For this reason, if people care about their kidneys, they should fight against obesity and diabetes. If they are diagnosed with diabetes, they will have kidney functions at least once a year. “It is important for them to have blood and urine tests checked, and to protect their kidneys with a good diabetes treatment in the very early period so that diabetes does not cause kidney disease. We insist on them to be very careful about this.”


Beekeeper, 15 million on kidney disease in Turkey, saying that there were close to 70 thousand dialysis patients, she said:

“In other words, these are people whose kidneys have reached the last point and who hold on to life with dialysis because their kidneys are not working at all. Again, we have almost 20 thousand kidney transplant patients. All these numbers are like the tip of the iceberg. These are now our patients who have reached the end point. We have a lot of patients. I mean, 10 million people are in the early stages of kidney disease, but they have no news. Because they do not make any complaints. I insist that the disease does not complain. They can only be aware of kidney disease with blood and urine tests during this period. No, not everyone should run and look. But it will be beneficial for diabetics, blood pressure patients, patients over 65 years of age, cardiovascular patients, patients who have been using medication for a long-term treatment, use antibiotics and painkillers for a long time. regular monitoring of kidney functions of patients is quite is moist. Also, if there is kidney disease in the family, that is, if the person’s mother or father or a brother has kidney disease, it should be looked after. Because kidney disease has familial characteristics. Those family members should also have their blood and urine tests checked and kidney disease should be detected, if any. “


Arıcı stated that 2.5 million people die every year due to diseases related to kidney disease in the statistics made around the world and said:

“In the Covid-19 epidemic, nearly 3 million people have died in 1 year worldwide so far. However, this number of kidney patients die every year due to kidney disease. This is what we call epidemic. Kidney patients are the highest for Kovid-19 infection in terms of disease categories. This is one of the risky groups. It is also very important that the patient is old here. But if a person is both elderly and kidney patients, the risk of death from Kovid-19 increases. Therefore, we need to protect these patients persistently. Kidney patients are at high risk for all kinds of infections. I don’t just say Kovid-19 infection. It could be any infection. Flu, pneumonia, urinary tract infection. If the person’s kidney health is not in good condition, the infection is more severe. We have persistently told this to our kidney patients for years. We have insisted that they be vaccinated for this reason. “


Beekeeper, when the association described as the first case in Turkey kidney patient is saying that they do the analysis of inpatient hospitalization Kovid-19, “Thousands have seen it when we evaluate over 200 to collect the data of the people. In patients with underlying Kovid-19 infections in hospitals 4 percent mortality rate, our We lost 4 patients out of every 100 patients hospitalized. But if the person’s kidney function is impaired, we lost 28 percent. In our study, the mortality rate of 100 elderly kidney patients was found to be 28 percent. In other words, we lost 28 of every 100 patients due to Kovid-19 when they were hospitalized. Almost 1 in 4 of our patients hospitalized with impaired kidney died due to Kovid-19 infection. This rate was 16 percent in dialysis patients. The mortality rate of dialysis patients was 4 times compared to a healthy individual. “These patients should be prioritized for vaccination regardless of age,” he said.

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