Scary detail in the increase of cases: ‘false negative’

Scary detail in the increase of cases: 'false negative'

Turkey’s corona virus chart suggests that there are many reasons it gradually gets heavier. Mutant viruses with increased infectiousness, especially the British variant, cause the disease to spread rapidly when the rules are not followed. Another reason is that the PCR tests are incorrect due to the effect of variant viruses. The transmission rate increases considerably with the tests that are claimed to give ‘false negative’ results.

In the Corona virus epidemic, the picture is getting worse every day. The increase in both the number of cases and casualties continues.
According to the daily corona virus data announced yesterday; 305 thousand 103 tests were carried out in one day. 55 thousand 791 new cases were detected. Of these, 2 thousand 408 consisted of patients showing symptoms. The increase in the number of serious patients also continues. Compared to the previous day, the number of serious patients increased by 43 to 2 thousand 658. While 253 more patients died within 24 hours, the total number of casualties reached 33 thousand 454. In the same period, 35 thousand 786 people whose treatment was completed or the quarantine process ended, regained their health.
It has been suggested that PCR test kits give “false negative” results in almost 60-70 percent of the effect of variant viruses. While many people with corona virus symptoms have been reported to have negative results despite multiple PCR tests, it is thought that the virus spreads faster due to this problem.
According to the news in Milliyet Newspaper; Ankara University Medical Faculty Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Specialist Prof. Dr. İsmail Balık said that they observed that false negativity rates increased in tests recently.
Fish said, “If the virus spread in a country or region is increasing exponentially, it means that there is a significant risk in terms of mutation. The more people the virus jumps, the higher the percentage of mutation. If the mutant analysis performed widely across the country, whether it Turkey with a specific mutation understandable. After the UK variant came out, 70 percent of the cases in the world were infected. The variant virus will soon erase the type of virus we call the first strain that came out of Wuhan. Turkey is experiencing the negative impact of the spread of the virus variants. “It is very important to develop test kits that will catch mutated viruses as well as vaccine studies.”
In a private hospital, Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology specialist Assoc. Dr. Duran Tok said, “The number of patients with negative results in their first, second and even third tests and a full-scale Covid-19 finding has increased considerably. Sometimes there are patients that we cannot detect even in lung tomography. PCR tests give negative results in most people who have Covid-19 symptoms after variants. In Turkey, the virus genomic analysis should be done in detail. “If we understand the gene sequence, we can create new test kits accordingly,” he said.
Emphasizing that the gene sequences of variant viruses are different from the virus originating from Wuhan, Assoc. Dr. Tok said: “Emergency studies should be initiated for diagnostic criteria that will also detect the mutated virus. I think it is not right to focus only on the UK, Brazil, South African variants. Needs to be done at this stage is to determine whether specific variant Turkey. The only way to understand this is through a large genome sequencing survey. Do not miss a lot of our patients in PCR, is there a specific variant Turkey? brings to mind the question. This situation may also be reflected in the death chart. “
Specialist from the Department of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology in a private hospital in Istanbul. Dr. Gökçe Demir also stated that the gene sequence of variant viruses is different and the false negativity results have increased in PCR tests, and said, “While there is 40 percent false negativity even in the detection of the virus we call Wuhan strain, this rate has increased to 70 percent with variants. It appears that at least 50 percent of the cases detected are variant species. This figure is much higher for Istanbul ”.
On the other hand, Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca warned against the rate of spread of the mutation in his statement yesterday.
Koca said, “About 40 percent of the cases in our country are in Istanbul. The situation of Istanbul determines the situation of our country. If we can protect Istanbul, we will be able to protect our country.” made a warning.
Minister Koca shared on his Twitter account, “The number of cases increased approximately 10 times in Istanbul compared to the beginning of March. About 40 percent of the cases in our country are in Istanbul. The situation of Istanbul determines the situation of our country. If we can protect Istanbul, we will be able to protect our country.” used the expressions. DETAILED NEWS

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