Seasonal diseases increase in the spring months

AA | Sunday, March 28, 2021 – 17:40 | Last Updated: 28 03 2021 – 17:40

With the arrival of the spring months, an increase in upper respiratory tract infections such as allergies, asthma, mumps and chickenpox and diarrhea cases can be seen. With the spring period, allergic diseases also begin to manifest themselves. The biggest reason for these increases is tree pollen, renewed vegetation and weeds.

Dr. Lecturer Sibel Kalçın, a member of the department, gave information about the diseases that are common in children in spring and warned the parents.

Pay Attention To Seasonal Allergies In Children In Spring.

The most important of the spring allergies are allergic diseases such as seasonal allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma and pollen allergy. In addition to these diseases, lower and upper respiratory tract infections such as colds, pharyngitis, bronchiolitis and croup usually caused by viruses, rash diseases in childhood and diarrhea caused by viruses are quite common in children in the spring. Children with allergies often have clogged noses and therefore cannot sleep regularly. Children who cannot sleep in a quality sleep feel tired and sluggish all day long.

Care Should Be Taken In Sudden Weather Changes.

Most diseases in childhood occur with sudden weather changes. During these periods, children should be dressed in accordance with the temperature. Excessive thick, sweaty clothes should be avoided, and if necessary, sweaty-wet clothes should be replaced with new ones frequently. When mothers go out, they should definitely take some spare clothes with them.

Hand Washing Habit Should Be Supported.

Washing your child’s hands frequently is one of the simplest and most effective methods of protection from infections at all times. Parents should make sure that their children are washing their hands correctly. When they come home, parents must first wash their hands and face and then come into contact with their children. Before and after meals, after being in public places, after being near a sick person, hands must be washed.

Make sure that children wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds. In places where water is not available, it should be fed to the whole hand, including the top of the hands and between the fingers, using hand disinfectant. Children should be told not to touch their mouth, nose or eyes without washing their hands. In addition, hand hygiene awareness should be instilled in children, especially due to the epidemic we are in.

Support the Immune System.

Quality and balanced nutrition also strengthens the child’s immune system and increases resistance to diseases. Yogurt, kefir, cheese-like foods strengthen the intestinal flora because they contain probiotics. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be consumed in abundance as they strengthen the immune system. In addition, outdoor exercise and adequate sleep also help strengthen children’s immunity.

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