Serving with ‘cutting edge technology’ for genetic diseases

The center, which is located in a 700 square meter closed area within the hospital, offers free service to the citizens with the latest technological devices in the fields of clinical genetics, molecular genetics and cytogenetics for inherited diseases.

Assoc. Dr. Özge Özalp said that they provide journalists with both polyclinic and laboratory testing services for genetic diseases.

Explaining that they diagnosed the genetic diseases that are quite common in the region at the molecular level, Özalp said:

“There are quite a lot of patient applications, especially from branches such as obstetrics, neurology, oncology, hematology, pediatrics. Our center is in a position to perform all molecular tests routinely applied in many parts of the world as technical equipment. We have an extremely good technological infrastructure. As is known, many rare in our region. In fact, the disease is seen at a frequency that is not uncommon. Many tests are carried out routinely in our center for the diagnosis of these rare diseases.At the same time, these patients are also served with clinical examination. We have the chance to diagnose the disease as well as many genetic diseases we encounter in adulthood at our center. “

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