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While continuing to fight the virus in the world corona Turkey, Sputnik V announced that he would start using the vaccine. Sputnik V, the first vaccine developed against the virus in the world, but not found reliable on the grounds that it was rushed. EMA While under investigation, many EU countries are also waiting for approval.

According to the report of Meltem Özgenç from Hürriyet newspaper, Ankara University Department of Infectious Diseases faculty member Prof. Dr. İsmail Balık explained the Sputnik V vaccine, which was found reliable according to the phase-3 preliminary results:

One of the most common

1-Sputnik was one of the vaccines that got the first use permit and came into use in the country where it was produced. However, since Russia published the preliminary results of its phase-3 studies late, this situation was used as an excuse by European countries for commercial and political reasons. Russia has been accused of not being transparent. They were treated in a way that raised questions about the vaccine. Turkey chose not to wait. At the point we have reached, the vaccine has been approved by many countries. and one of the most widely used vaccines, especially in Russia.

2-The phase-3 data of the vaccine was published in the Lancet magazine, and its success was demonstrated concretely. According to the phase-3 results published in the Lancet, the vaccine was tested in 16,501 healthy adult volunteers and 5,746 took part in the placebo group. According to this study, no serious adverse effects were found in the volunteers in the vaccine and placebo groups, and the vaccine was found to be safe. I think that there has been a change of attitude all over the world because of its low price.


3-There is a serious need for vaccines in the world, but there is no production capacity to meet this quickly. The major vaccine manufacturers to countries like Turkey that have the potential to contribute to the production with support of other countries will be far from over. This type of technology sharing will both set an example for Western countries that do this, and will provide our domestic pharmaceutical industry with the capacity to rapidly produce vaccines. Russia and Turkey to ensure that economic gains as well.


4-We will probably have the chance to sell the vaccine, which we need more than we need, to other countries along with Russia. Since this type of vaccine is one of the low-cost vaccine types that can be produced very quickly, it will also affect our vaccine expense. Most importantly, increasing our vaccine diversity during this period of serious problems in vaccine supply will enable us to be one of the countries that emerged from the epidemic at the earliest.


5-An effective vaccine against the British variant. In this context, although there is no scientific data proven that Sputnik V is effective against other variant viruses, it can be predicted that the vaccine can prevent the deadly effects of Covid-19.


After the Minister of Health Fahret Koca said that “Sputnik V vaccine will be activated very soon”, eyes turned to this vaccine. Using the flu virus, which has been made harmless to carry a small part of the corona virus to the body, similar to the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine developed in the UK and the Janssen vaccine of Belgium, Sputnik V stands as an important alternative in an environment where countries have difficulty in the supply of vaccines. 57 countries around the world have approved the vaccine, which is easier to distribute because it does not have to be stored at very low temperatures and is relatively inexpensive with a $ 10 label compared to its competitors. Finally, Egypt reached an agreement with Russia to produce 40 million doses per year.

While Germany and France are taking initiatives at the leaders’ level in joint production with Russia, many EU countries that want to increase the speed of vaccination are waiting for the approval of the European Drug Administration (EMA) for the order. Germany declared that it wants to receive 30 million doses of Russian vaccine in case of approval.

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