Statement on the use of antibiotics in the epidemic

Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases of Ankara University (AU) Faculty of Medicine and President of the Association of Drug Awareness and Rational Medicine. Dr. İsmail Balık made a statement to the AA correspondent regarding the rate of antibiotic use during the Kovid-19 outbreak.

Turkey’s inappropriate and excessive use of antibiotics and the consequent consists of antibiotic-resistant bacteria ratio Pointing at the beginning of the countries perceived as most fish, “Through rational drug campaigns in recent years, our rate of antibiotic use were lower still rate falling antibiotics per prescription in Europe We are in the first place. ” he spoke.

Emphasizing that the Kovid-19 outbreak also affected antibiotic use rates, Fish made the following evaluations:

“This year we encountered an interesting picture due to the Kovid-19 outbreak. There is a significant change in our antibiotic use trends. Compared to last year, there has been a significant decrease in the use of the most common oral antibiotics in respiratory tract infections. For example, azithromycin, amoxycillin / clavulonate, cefuroxime. The decrease in the prescribing rate on a box basis for antibiotics such as antibiotics was approximately 20-50 percent. This situation has developed due to the very decrease of viral respiratory infections other than Kovid-19 all over the world. “

Turkey and all over the world, Kovid-19 outbreaks due to imported masks, distance and hygiene measures, flu transmitted the same way, respiratory tract infections such as colds Noting that led to a severe decline in the fish, “viral infection of the respiratory tract is not visible almost no since March 2020 the rate of antibiotics preferred in their infections has decreased. ” said.

“Bacteria gain resistance in case of unnecessary and widespread use of antibiotics”

Prof. Dr. Fish, of Kovid-19 treatment, explaining that all structures in the guide line prepared by the Ministry of Health in Turkey, “with Situated treatment protocol in the book, from the beginning of the epidemic from the standing of physicians, Kovid with mild symptoms-19 cases were prevented from using their accidental antibiotics. However, the epidemic in many countries There has been an increase in the use of these antibiotics, especially those containing azithromycin active ingredient. ” shared his knowledge.

“In patients hospitalized in Turkey also increased by the use of broad spectrum antibiotics. This is because, Kovid-19 connected to the dense bed in the maintenance, growth in cases of severe pneumonia and pulmonary stresses caused Kovid-19 pneumonia is easily possibility of including bacterial infections.” He said that physicians should not continue the mistake of prescribing antibiotics in parallel with the increase in viral respiratory infections during the winter months.

Underlining that antibiotics are not effective in viruses, Balık stated that it is important to raise awareness of the society on this issue. Pointing out that the use of antibiotics should be avoided without the knowledge of a physician, Balık said, “Our people should not forget that antibiotics are not effective against viruses and will not work in conditions such as pain or fever.” warned.

Prof. Dr. Stating that bacteria can gain resistance in case of unnecessary and widespread use of antibiotics, fish said, “In this case, the disease increases mortality rates by causing incurable infections.” said.

Fish reported that, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), wrong antibiotic use and resistance are among the top 10 health problems.

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