Suggestion to go to bed 1-2 hours early for healthy sleep

Fidan, an otolaryngologist working at Eskişehir City Hospital, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that a life style different from normal living standards should be adopted in Ramadan.

Emphasizing that for the Muslim world, it is necessary to sleep in accordance with iftar and sahur times in the month of Ramadan and to arrange daily activities, Fidan said:

“During Ramadan, we want everyone to go to bed 1-2 hours earlier than normal days. It is difficult to bring this bedtime forward 2 hours at a time. We recommend that you move forward by 15 or 30 minutes every day. It is not possible to sleep on a full stomach after getting up for suhoor. For this reason, I recommend that the sleep process be put a little more forward in a healthy way due to our sleep interruption. “

Assoc. Dr. Fidan reported that excessive nutrition during iftar raises the instant sugar value in the person, leading to a tendency to sleep.

Stating that feeding should be started with soup during iftar hours, Fidan said, “We need to continue our remaining meal after blood sugar is normalized so that we do not overeat. 15 minutes of short naps are beneficial, provided that they are not too long for sleep suppression after iftar. It also provides a reduction in the need for sleep.” said.

“Stay away from phones, tablets and computers that emit blue light during suhoor”

Assoc. Dr. Fidan stated that in order not to cause excessive disturbances in the sleep-wake pattern during the day in Ramadan, a certain limit should be applied to the consumption of caffeinated foods and beverages, and especially those who consume more tea and coffee should consume drinks such as linden, sage and chamomile instead of caffeinated beverages. .

Stating that it is necessary to stay away from electronic devices from suhoor, Fidan said, “In this period, we recommend not to use devices that emit blue light such as phones, tablets and computers after getting up for sahur. Because blue light negatively affects the pattern of falling asleep and waking up. I recommend staying away from blue light in suhoor.” he spoke.

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