Emergency service teams are on duty day and night

Kovid 19 cases of first-day emergency service personnel observed regardless of the employee’s overtime since the concept in Turkey, competing almost time to keep patients alive. In the 112 Emergency Health Services in Karabük, 24-hour service is provided with 255 personnel, 93 UMKE volunteers, 43 emergency ambulances and 16 emergency stations. The teams struggling to reach emergency calls as soon as possible call on citizens to comply with the measures during the epidemic process where…

"Emergency service teams are on duty day and night"

Pharmacy duty system ended on Saturdays in Istanbul

Istanbul Chamber of Pharmacistsmade a statement about the pharmacies’ seizure system. According to the statement, the pharmacy watch system, which has been implemented every Saturday since December 5, 2020, has ended. Pharmacies on duty on Sundays and public holidays, on the days other than these All pharmacies will serve between 09.00-19.00. VIDEO: TWO ATTENTIONS ON THE RISK MAP

"Pharmacy duty system ended on Saturdays in Istanbul"