‘Take more care of children’ recommendation in full closure

gave | 01 May 2021 Saturday – 16:30 | Last Update: 01 05 2021 – 16:30

Trakya University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine, Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Serdar Öztora advised that vulnerable groups such as the elderly and children should be dealt with more in the period of complete closure.

Prof. Dr. Öztora said to the AA correspondent that the complete closure is important in terms of controlling the rate of increase of the epidemic.

Stating that no one should have a question mark on the necessity of closing, Öztora stated that the more the rules are followed, the less likely it will be for a new closure.

Stating that there may be some social difficulties during the closure period, Öztora said, “It is beneficial for us to be careful about the more vulnerable population such as the elderly and children. The situation in which the elderly suffer or fear the most is to be isolated or ignored. That is why we should pay special attention to our elderly people during this period. Even if the vast majority of them are vaccinated, we should still take care of our elderly people without abandoning cleaning, mask and distance measures. ” said.

Öztora stated that instead of visiting the elderly people, meeting with them every day, asking about their problems and making video calls will be very beneficial for the elderly in this process.

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