Terrible picture in the USA! Coronavirus … – Last Minute Health News

According to the records of Johns Hopkins University, where Kovid-19 data were compiled, the number of virus detected in the country increased by 17 thousand 66 in the last 24 hours to 29 million 401 thousand 167, while the number of people who died in the country due to the epidemic increased by 1722 and reached 534 thousand 315.
Most cases and deaths in California

California ranks first in the country with 3 million 620 thousand 890 cases, followed by Texas with more than 2 million 724 thousand cases and Florida with more than 1 million 973 thousand cases.

California, which leads with 56 thousand 426 casualties from Kovid-19 in the USA, is followed by New York with 48 thousand 850 and Texas with 46 thousand 366.

Following the USA, which ranks first in the world in the number of cases and deaths in the epidemic, Brazil with 11 million 439 thousand 558 thousand cases and India with more than 11 million 359 thousand cases come.

The number of casualties from Kovid-19 is over 158 thousand in India and 277 thousand in Brazil.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which follows the Kovid-19 vaccination statistics in the USA, announced that the number of vaccines made across the country exceeded 101 million 128 thousand.

According to the updated data of the CDC, more than 68 million 884 thousand people in the USA received the first dose, and more than 36 million 929 thousand people received the second dose of Kovid-19 vaccine.

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