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Wednesday, March 10, 2021 – 16:56 | Last Updated: 10 03 2021 – 16:56

Masseter muscle hypertrophy is the enlargement of the masseter muscle and can contribute to a rigid, square appearance at the jaw angle. While a strong and chin corner is a desired look for men, it can cause a tough and masculine appearance for women. The masseter muscle is one of the muscles that is activated during chewing. It is located at the “angle of the mandible” or “the angle of the jaw”.

Nowadays, chin muscle reduction can be performed in an average of 15 minutes with botox injection, without the need for surgery. Botox is used to relax these muscles and soften the appearance of the lower face.

The duration of Massetter Botox

When Botox is used to relax the facial muscles that cause fine lines, the maximum effect is seen within 7-10 days. When Botox is used to reduce masseter muscle hypertrophy, the maximum effect is not seen for 3 months. The effect of Botox occurs gradually within 3 months. Results can take up to 9 months. If preservation of results is desired, the injection procedure should be repeated every 6 months.

After botok injection, the masseter muscle is weakened and the width of the jaw is narrowed. In this way, the face is made to look more oval and soft.

The most suitable candidates for this operation are those whose face looks wide due to the thickness of their chewing muscles and who want to reduce their chin. The most important point here is the width of the masticatory muscles.

So, are there any problems when chewing food?

Although rare, temporary chewing problems may arise from time to time. After the injection, sensitivity may be felt in the jaw area temporarily for a short time.

However, this sensitivity does not cause normal life to be interrupted. The person can go to his normal life immediately after the operation, even by using his car.

It can be applied even between lunch, with its features that do not need a healing process, can be applied in a very short time and do not have a clear operation scar.

The results are not permanent and the effects may last between 6 months and 2 years depending on the nature of the material used.

It is among the positive features of the operation that it provides anterior view for those who seek permanent solutions with surgical operation, does not cause anxiety in terms of anesthesia and surgery, the results start to appear gradually and there is no need for a healing process.

If you are uncomfortable with the excessive development of your jaw muscles, you should get information from an expert to get detailed information about massetter botox.

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