The first corona virus vaccine produced for animals: Carnivac-Cov – health news

Corona virus 3 different vaccines are registered and put into use for the use of people within the scope of combating the epidemic. RussiaThis time a vaccine was produced for animals in Turkey.

Konstantin Savenkov, Vice President of the Russian Animal and Plant Health Inspection Agency (Rosselhoznadzor), said in October last year.Carnivac-KovStating that the vaccine named “was tested on animals such as dogs, cats, arctic foxes, mink, foxes,” he announced that the vaccine developed antibodies in all animals applied.

Stating that the vaccine does not cause adverse effects on animals, Savenkov said, “According to the results of our studies, we reached the conclusion that the vaccine is safe and produces high antibodies. Because 100 percent of the vaccinated animals developed antibodies against the corona virus, ”he said.


Savenkov announced that mass production for the vaccine will begin next April, while the vaccine has a minimum of 6 months to protect animals.

Stating that they are planning to work in Greece, Austria and Poland for the development and production of the vaccine, Savenkov noted that the USA, Singapore and Canada are also countries that are interested in the vaccine.

“Carnivac-Cov” is the first and only vaccine produced for animals in the world.

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