The number of cases decreased by 85 percent in the period of complete closure in Sakarya

In his post on his social media account, Kaldirim stated that they were following the intense and successful work of the teams from the Sakarya Security and Emergency Situations Coordination Center (GAMER) on the last day of the complete closure.

Thanks to the citizens who follow the measures sensitively, Pavement said, “We have succeeded in reducing the number of daily cases by 85 percent in the period of complete closure to less than 110.” used the expression.

In a written statement, Governor Kaldirim stated that the supervision and guidance team of 4,250 people consisting of police, gendarmerie, public institutions, municipalities, mukhtars, professional chambers, non-governmental organizations and volunteers worked intensely in the field in full closure.

Stating that in this process, citizens saw that they meticulously comply with the measures and that 1550 people were fined 4.5 million TL, Kalim said, “Especially exemptions for agriculture, production and supply chains were effectively applied. Despite the work of approximately 70 thousand people, very good measures were taken in all factories, the production chain was not disrupted in any way, the daily number of cases did not exceed 10 per day in all production places. ” found in the description.

“We implemented quarantine measures very tightly”

Pavement pointed out that VEFA support teams are working very well, and that the needs of 42,500 citizens were met, and especially the elderly were visited and congratulated on their holidays.

Stating that the needs of the families of martyrs and veterans were also met and the cemetery visits were made during the eid, Kaldirim said:

“Our district governors, including me, our police chief, our gendarmerie commander, our mayors and mukhtars were constantly on the field, they personally followed the work. We implemented quarantine measures very strictly, we quarantined every house and apartment where a case occurred. As can be seen, we were the most successful province in the Marmara region by doing exemplary studies in Turkey during the period of complete closure. . “

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