The success story of young people who beat leukemia gives hope to tens of thousands!

Children who were a part of the LÖSEV Family while their leukemia treatments were continuing received strength and support from here during their illness. These young people, whose treatment has ended, are now continuing their careers as a professional member of the Foundation for Children with Leukemia. These young people, who are hoping for tens of thousands of children with leukemia, now say to their siblings who are still struggling, “You are not alone”.

One of these names is Halil Telli. When Halil was diagnosed with leukemia when he was 9 years old, LÖSEV Social Service personnel, who came inside while he was lying alone in a room while he was being treated in a state hospital in Adana, showed him that he was not alone. While Halil treatment was continuing, he was approaching the light at the end of the tunnel with the multi-directional supports he received. His treatment, which started as an inpatient, continued standing, then he returned home and continued his education life from where he left off. LÖSEV Canım Kardeşim started to receive study support in class houses in order to contribute to school lessons. He met other young people at LÖSEV and continued his social life from where he left off and as part of a larger family. Like hundreds of other young people, he never stopped looking to the future with hope.


Halil Telli, who is currently working as an Administrative Affairs Officer at the Adana branch of LÖSEV, explained the difficult process he went through with the following words:

“I lost my connection with the world in my journey to fight against leukemia that started in 2009. I was having a lot of physical difficulties with the needles and medicines I constantly took. I spent a year in my hospital room alone and unaware of what happened to me. While I was sad that I did not have a social life, I found hope with the sisters who came to the hospital from LÖSEV. I won the university with the self-confidence I gained here, and became a professional diver on the one hand. Since my treatment process, I have actively supported LÖSEV and continued my professional business life here. I’m glad I’m at LÖSEV, I’m glad I am from LÖSEV. “

Halil’s life journeys, in the language of a few of the dozens of young people who have sprung up his future career from Kayseri to Bursa, from Izmir to Istanbul, at LÖSEV are as follows:

“Recep Nihat Karadeniz (Administrative Affairs – LÖSEV Kayseri): “LÖSEV extended a helping hand to me by providing both financial and moral support during my treatment and post-treatment job opportunities. He never left it alone. I came to these days with the support of donors. Now I am working at LÖSEV for my other siblings who are receiving cancer treatment. I do not leave them alone. Fortunately, LÖSEV exists. “

Aylin Babaoğlu (Social Worker – LÖSEV Bursa): My struggle started in 2005 when I was diagnosed with Leukemia. I got my health in 2011. LÖSEV was always with me during my treatment. Now, I work at LÖSEV and continue to be with them to hope for my siblings and their families who are undergoing treatment and to complete this difficult process together. Fortunately, I am a member of LÖSEV.

Ünlü Baygın (Active Social Services – LÖSEV İstanbul): I got sick at the age of 4, what I have heard from my mother is that LÖSEV is always with us. During my treatment process, I put many unforgettable memories with the LÖSEV family, which did not leave me and my family alone financially and spiritually. For example, the trip to Abant, which I can never forget, LÖSEV at the age of 8-9 took us to Abant. All the holidays and activities we had with LÖSEV, which I have never seen or visited, from the times I could not even leave the hospital room, added color to my life. Now I am 22 years old and I am trying to touch the lives of my other brothers and sisters. Because I know that even the closest ones are far away in this process. Nobody understands your condition. However, LÖSEV donors and their supporters are always with us in this process. Fortunately, I am in this family, I am a bright young man who has a profession. Fortunately, I am a member of LÖSEV.

Murat Kılınç (Administrative Affairs- LÖSEV İzmir): I was diagnosed with blood cancer in 2005. LÖSEV gave me hope back then and I got well with the support of LÖSEV. I studied at LÖSEV schools. I’m 21 now. LÖSEV has been my family for 16 years. With my graduation, I started to work at Seferihisar Wildlife Farm affiliated to LÖSEV İzmir Liaison Office. In our LÖSEV Seferihisar Farm, I wanted to direct my life by being influenced by good agricultural practices. Now I am working on the one hand and on the other hand I am continuing my education at Dokuz Eylul University, Department of Agricultural Business. While coming to these days, my biggest supporter was LÖSEV. I also want to do my best for my other brothers and sisters and anyone struggling with cancer by working with all my might. Fortunately, I got to know LÖSEV. Fortunately, there is LÖSEV.

Hüseyin Çon (Administrative Affairs-LÖSEV Samsun): I enrolled in LÖSEV 12 years ago while my treatment was still ongoing. In this process, they supported us financially and spiritually. A very important and unforgettable moment for me was when LÖSEV congratulated my birthday and wrote me a birthday card. I had never had a birthday before. The writing on the birthday card impressed me very much. I remember very well that the day I finished my treatment, I was as happy as the day I received that card. I’m 26 now. I have never been forgotten by LÖSEV and have always felt their support by my side. After my treatment and education, I participated in youth activities in LÖSEV Samsun, then I started working in administrative affairs and I have been working with heart and soul for 1.5 years. Fortunately, I am a member of LÖSEV.

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