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gave | 09 April 2021 Friday – 16:06 | Last Updated: 09 04 2021 – 16:06

At the Süleyman Demirel University (SDU) Research and Practice Hospital in Isparta, S.İ. (24), who did not have a congenital vagina, was created vagina by closed method surgery. S.İ. said, “Now we want to take our child in our arms.”

S.İ., who lives in Balıkesir and does not have a congenital vagina, applied to SDÜ Research and Application Hospital. After the examinations there, S.İ., who was decided to be operated on, Professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics Department. Dr. Evrim Erdemoğlu and his team recovered with the successful operation. Making a statement after the operation, Prof. Dr. Erdemoğlu stated that congenital absence of vagina is a rare disease and said:

“These patients apply to a doctor at the age of 13-14 with the complaint of not having menstruation. When they are diagnosed with not having a vagina at this age or when they get married, they experience great shock. There may be disruptions in the future motherhood, femininity anxiety and self-perception. Although various surgical methods are used in the treatment of this disease, failure rates and occlusion rates are high in previously described methods. Since the disease is rare and the surgical procedure is complicated, the presence of an experienced team in the implementation of such operations is an important factor in the first step. In our newly developed closed surgery method, it is possible to easily create the vagina without ever entering the abdomen. This method, which we have preferred in recent years, not only allows patients to physically perform the vagina, but also enables patients to successfully marry and improve their self-perception. Our experience with this rare disease is high. The closed surgery method both protects the patient from a major surgery such as bowel surgery and provides successful results. “


Having recovered, S.İ. Stating that they noticed the disease in the middle school age, he said:

“At that time, I was having a lot of problems. I was married for 2 years. I went to many centers before, but I could not find a solution. Just as I was despairing of everything, I learned that these surgeries were successfully performed at the SDU Hospital. We contacted our evolution teacher and I got my health with a successful surgery. We want it, this is the next stage. If we have a child, God willing, we will give him the name of our teacher Evrim. The discomfort I experienced is a special situation, but we easily overcame these stages with our teacher. Another important situation in the treatment process was the attitude of my wife. . It was always the support and always with me. My doctor and my wife were my biggest luck in this process. I recommend SDU Hospital to anyone who suffers from this kind of discomfort. “

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