The writer Selim İleri, who was treated at the hospital, started physical therapy

Author Selim Forward (72) suffered from a brain embolism-related condition. It was learned that the physical therapy process was continuing in the hospital where İleri was removed.

On the evening of March 5, İleri was taken to Başakşehir Çam and Sakura City Hospital, where vascular occlusion occurred in his brain due to high blood pressure. From the moment he was taken to the hospital, the treatment process began for İleri, who was not life-threatening. It was learned that İleri was referred from the service where he was staying to the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center of the same hospital and he received physical therapy for 2 hours a day.


He was born in Istanbul in 1949 and is among the most important writers of Turkish literature with his novels, essays, memoirs and scenarios including “The Last Day of Friendships”, “Far Always Far” and “While Living and Dying”. Next, last year, Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar as the protagonist of the novel published “You Live, You Have a Dead Must Have a Meaning, This”. The master writer was awarded the Presidential Culture and Art Grand Prize in 2012.

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