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gave | Saturday, February 20, 2021 – 13:54 | Last Updated: 20 02 2021 – 13:54

With leech therapy applied at Düzce University Traditional and Complementary Medicine Application and Research Center, patients are healed with leech therapy, which is used in areas where blood supply is needed after surgery. Director of the Center Prof. Dr. Ertuğrul Kaya said that leech therapy is used in many areas.

With leech therapy, which started to be applied within the body of Düzce University Traditional and Complementary Medicine Application and Research Center, many diseases, especially muscle, tendon and joint pains, are healed in areas where postoperative blood supply is needed. Director of the Center Prof. Dr. Ertuğrul Kaya, on the subject of leech therapy, said, “Leech therapy, which has a history of thousands of years all over the world, has been legally applied in our hospitals after the traditional and complementary medicine practices have been placed on a certain legal basis in 2014 in our country. Usage areas are common. Leech therapy also has applications in modern medicine. In modern medicine, there is a blood supply problem when sutured after complete rupture in end organ incisions such as finger cuts. After these organs are stitched, leech therapy is applied to provide the area with blood. It is practiced in this way in the field of modern medicine all over the world ”.

Prof. Dr. Kaya pointed out that leeches cause bleeding by sucking in the area that needs blood, and said:

“It is applied in many fields in the field of traditional medicine. It is used locally, locally, in certain places to increase blood flow. Leeches essentially suck blood from our bodies. They can suck up to 5-10 milliliters of blood. However, the leech secretes some enzymes from itself in the area where it is attached to constantly absorb the blood and prevent the blood from clotting. Some of these enzymes pass into the human body. There are over 30 enzymes that have been identified. In fact, hirudin drugs have been developed based on these enzymes of leeches. It is still used in the world. ”


Prof. Dr. Stating that the rock leech therapy should be done by physicians, he said, “We have to pay attention to some issues since we bring an external organism to the human body. Since this is a bloody medical procedure, physicians with a certificate should do this. “It should not be done other than physicians.”

Haluk Karaduman, who received leech therapy for thyroid disease, said, “I am very pleased with the leech therapy. First of all, I feel safe as it is done in such an environment. I believe I also see the benefit. Here it is done in a more sterile environment. Our teacher is at the beginning of this job. I recommend them to come and get treatment ”he said.

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