This is how the nurse caught Kovid-19 warned

Seyhan State Hospital Meydan Children’s Health and Diseases Service nurse İlkay Şahin said that the Kovid-19 test he had done with a complaint of headache was positive.

Stating that the 15-day quarantine process started at home, Şahin stated that his 2-year-old son also got the disease at the same time.

Stating that his son only complained of mild fever, Şahin said, “My wife and my other 3-year-old son did not suffer from the disease. I had a terrible headache, followed by a seizure, shivering and fever. I had pain in my joints, muscles and bones, it lasted for 10 days. I had tremendous joint and muscle pain. ” he spoke.

Stating that he survived the disease at home, Şahin said, “In this process, I was more worried about my son than myself. Everyone should comply with Kovid-19 measures.” used the expression.

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