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The transmission of coronavirus from humans to pets, the report that the UK variant of the virus can cause serious heart problems in pets, in the scientific world, “Do pets also need to be vaccinated?” once again brought the discussion to the agenda. Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine, Head of Medical Virology Department and Ministry of Health Coronavirus Scientific Committee Prof. Dr. Kenan Midilli said, “It does not cause severe diseases in animals, but contamination of animals may involve some epidemiological risks. Due to the risk that the virus may evolve differently in animals, this is very much emphasized. “Those who have pets need to be distant to protect their animals during the illness,” he said.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, one of the issues that the scientific world has focused on has been the risk of coronavirus transmission from human to animals. It has been reported in Europe in recent weeks that the UK variant of the virus can cause serious heart problems in pets.

This raised the concern of the disease spreading, especially from pets to humans, in the fight against the epidemic. Although there is not yet sufficient evidence that scientifically infected animals with Covid-19 play an important role in spreading the disease to humans, it has been revealed that the virus can be transmitted to pets such as dogs, cats, monkeys and mink, and that the new variant (England) is also transmitted to mice that have not been infected with coronavirus before. The demonstration revealed the risk that the virus could undergo other mutations.


While the development of Covid vaccine for animals continues in the USA and Russia, an article titled “Vaccination of some pet species may be necessary to prevent the spread of infection” appeared in the scientific journal Virulence in January.

Head of Medical Virology Department of Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty Medical Microbiology Department and Member of the Ministry of Health Coronavirus Scientific Committee Prof. Dr. Kenan Midilli pointed out that the UK variant, which is rapidly transmitted and is now dominant all over the world, can also infect pets. Prof. Dr. Lesbos said, “Unfortunately, our pets can be infected. But it does not usually cause a very heavy picture in pets. However, since contamination to animals involves some epidemiological risks, the virus carries a risk of different evolution in animals, so we focus on this issue a lot. Towards the end of the summer, it caused a great rush when there was a change in Denmark, first from people to mink, then from mink to people, and then again. Unfortunately, it resulted in the culling of the vast majority of the minkes there. It was necessary that such an evolutionary process would not continue any longer. Because, in the first studies, there were findings that variants in minkes have the ability to escape immunity. For this reason, pet owners who do not want to infect their animals (if they have Covid-19 at home) should protect them like other family members. That should avoid close contact, ”he said.


Stating that it is usual to experience an increase in child cases as the UK variant can infect all age groups more easily, Prof. Dr. “But there is no evidence at the moment that especially children watch more heavily,” said Midilli. Noting that the confusion about vaccine selection is unfounded, Prof. Dr. Lesbos continued his words as follows:

“At the moment, it is more important to reach the vaccine as soon as possible and to be vaccinated rather than the election impasse. For him, the slogan ‘The vaccine you found is the best vaccine’ still applies. Anyway, vaccinations are given in hospitals or under the supervision of a doctor and waiting for a certain period of time. That’s why there is no need to worry about side effects. “


Emphasizing that taking antibodies after vaccination may cause unnecessary comfort or anxiety, Prof. Dr. Midilli stated that with the antibody levels examined, no conclusion could be reached regarding the protection of the vaccine. Scientific Committee Member Midilli warned:

“There is no established value as to which antibody level the vaccines are precisely protective. It is also not possible to decide on the protection rate based on the vaccine responses alone. Because there are memory cells, there are T cell responses. These are also extremely important parameters in terms of protection. When we look at antibodies, we don’t know whether those antibodies are really protective or not. We can only say ‘there are antibodies’. In other words, this data shows the existence of your molecules (in the body) that react to that virus. But the neutralization test or its equivalents need to be done to know if this is really protective. It is also not possible and not necessary for mass vaccinations. All the antibody tests currently done do not bring much practicality to anyone. Until certain points are clear, we do not recommend routine antibody testing until levels of protection or a better test alternative are developed. In fact, these antibody test results cause even more confusion. Especially the person who thinks ‘my antibody level is high’ can now think that he can wear the mask a little less or interfere with more crowds. The antibody level should never be a basis for such a thing. ”


The UK variant, which is spreading rapidly and has become dominant in our country, has caused more cases and the hospitals are rapidly filling these days, pointing out the protective measures again. Dr. Midilli said that voluntary compliance with the measures became much more important instead of pretending that everything is back to normal. Prof. Dr. Kenan Midilli said, “There was no change in the protection measures with the variants. Again, what we will do is pay close attention to mask, distance and hand hygiene. Now, we have to comply more tightly in closed environments. We must definitely avoid crowded and closed environments. Planning our daily life as if everything is normal with liberalization, is one of the behaviors that increase the number of cases. Since the UK variant can spread very quickly and therefore the coefficients of incidence are higher, even more stringent measures must be taken and these measures must be followed ‘voluntarily’. This is really important. The best prevention method is to vaccinate as many people as possible, but it is not a goal that can be achieved in a short time. For this reason, absolute compliance with protection measures is very important. So we need to meet with as few people as possible, ”he said.

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