Time is the most important factor in circadian nutrition

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Eda Balcı, a Dietician Specialist, who makes suggestions on the circadian diet, said, “You should eat regularly every day at the same time. Especially for beginners, 3 main meals and 2 snacks are recommended and it is recommended that these meals consist of vegetables, healthy fats, fiber and high protein foods. “Circadian nutrition should keep up with the natural cycle of the body and not go out of this order.”

Nutrition and Dietetics Department Res. See. Eda Balcı gave information about the tips of circadian nutrition and at what times it should be eaten. Balcı said, “Circadian is the body rhythm formed by the sum of the physiological, psychological and hormonal processes that the body performs in a day. We can define the circadian rhythm as the biological clock of the organism. It refers to the regular functioning of our body’s functions. As part of the circadian rhythm, the sleep-wake cycle, hormone release, metabolic activities, personal performance, heart rate and blood pressure can be given as examples.


Stating that circadian nutrition is different from conventional diet types, Balcı said, “The main difference between them and other diet types; It is the absence of food restriction and prohibition in circadian nutrition. The main focus of circadian nutrition is; “It is the period of time when foods are consumed rather than what they contain”.


Stating that circadian nutrition requires keeping up with the natural cycle of the body and not going out of this order, Balcı stated that it is important to have the right diet first in order to live in accordance with this diet.


Lastly, Balcı recommends the consumption of cereal and oil group foods in the early hours of the day, ie during the hours when energy is consumed more, and said, “It is important to consume lighter foods with high protein content at noon. The high protein content will make you feel more satiated until dinner. In the evening, when the metabolism is slow, it will be more appropriate to prefer low-fat foods, especially salads and soups. Eating at night is not recommended. Because the metabolism at night works very slowly and the body should spend its energy not on the digestion of food, but on repairing and renewing itself ”.

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