Tuna fish also entered the iftar table – health news

Algology Specialist Prof. Dr. Emine Nur Tozan stated in her written statement that she recommended a Mediterranean diet for sahur and iftar tables.

Tozan said, “Fish and tuna will provide benefits in weight control while keeping your immunity strong with the miracle of vitamin D and Omega-3 contained in it.”

Stating that the body should not be deficient in proteins, vitamins and minerals needed to keep immunity strong during Ramadan, which is hungry for long hours, Tozan noted that iftar and sahur a Mediterranean diet can be stress-free, energetic and healthy throughout the month.

For this reason, Tozan reminded the importance of fish, especially tuna fish rich in Omega-3, vitamin D and protein, for iftar tables, continued his words as follows:

Algology Specialist Prof.  Dr.  Emine Nur Tozan
Algology Specialist Prof. Dr. Emine Nur Tozan


“In this period, it has become more important than ever to eat healthy with immune-friendly foods and to get the necessary nutritional needs from the right source. Do not forget to choose satisfying and healthy foods at the same time without neglecting protection against corona virus (Covid-19) by increasing body resistance with proper nutrition methods. .


Stating that the protein, vitamins and minerals the body needs throughout the day can be met with an iftar meal prepared with tuna fish, Tozan said, “It is possible to avoid excess calories by reducing carbohydrates with a Mediterranean diet.

More importantly, iftar tables with lots of greens, four-grain salad and tuna fish are beneficial in strengthening immunity and metabolism, they will provide you with a feeling of satiety all day long. By choosing tuna fish with olive oil, you can protect and even increase the good cholesterol in your body. “

Commenting, “We recommend the Mediterranean type of diet that includes foods that help immunity, delicious and facilitate digestion at the iftar tables,” Tozan pointed out:

“In this period, which should be paid attention to especially by cardiovascular patients, young and old people, it is beneficial to choose iftar tables prepared with fish and tuna, which are rich in Omega-3 sources, especially vegetables and salads. Care should be taken to consume quality brands.

Unadulterated tuna fish, which come to our tables from the clean and deep waters of the Indian and Atlantic Ocean, offer many benefits from mental health as the most natural source of Omega-3 to strengthening immunity and metabolism. “

Tozan, who advises nutritional advice against uncontrolled weight gain and weakening of immunity while fasting, said, “It is necessary to see the month of Ramadan as a great opportunity to learn exquisite manners and portion control without threatening your health due to factors such as thirst, weakness, dizziness, and drowsiness due to fasting. For this, we have to make some changes in our diet, “he said.

Tozan stated that while green vegetables and fish play the leading role, the Mediterranean diet will facilitate digestion by increasing body resistance and will be a protective shield against corona virus.

Tozan said, “It is very important to consume foods that are strong in terms of Omega-3, B and D vitamins, which prevent weight gain and help healthy nutrition not only at iftar, but also during sahur times.

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