Turkish surgeon operated 11 children in Uzbekistan

Afşarlar, who worked at Hitit University Erol Olçok Training and Research Hospital, Prof. Dr. Two patients, one with congenital problems with the esophagus, one with a closed anus, and the other pediatric patients with tumors, received an invitation from Alisher Sharipov to operate.

Afşars went to Tashkent with the approval of the Hitit University Rectorate, where the pediatric surgeons of the hospital Dr. Khasim Sultanov and Dr. In addition to Mansur Nasirov, children’s oncologist Dr. With the support of Kamol Iskendarrov, he operated on 11 children.

While the children recovered with successful surgeries, the Afşars shared their experiences with the doctors in the country.

Prof. Dr. Afşarlar said to the AA correspondent that his experience was known by the physicians in the country, as he had gone to Uzbekistan three times before in the organization of the Ministry of Health.

Stating that he received a special invitation to operate children with health problems in the country and to share their experiences, Afşarlar said that he was invited because there is no surgeon in Uzbekistan to perform these operations.

Stating that he uses new techniques in surgeries, Afşarlar emphasized that he is happy to restore the health of children waiting for surgery in Uzbekistan.

Explaining that they first performed 3 tumor surgeries, Avşarlar continued as follows:

“These patients consisted of patients who were refused by many centers in the country saying that it was not possible to remove the tumors. We removed the tumors with very successful surgeries. Later, a 1.5-year-old boy whose esophagus was closed congenitally and after drinking caustic substance 3 We performed a gastric pull-up operation for a girl at the age of 6. In other words, the esophagus was created by pulling the stomach up in children. These surgeries, which require advanced experience, have never been performed in pediatric patients in Uzbekistan. We performed anal atresia surgery for a closed rectal child. We successfully performed the planned operations for patients requiring laparoscopy and videothoracoscopy. None of our patients experienced any problems in the early postoperative period. “

Afşarlar stated that there is a shortage of experienced doctors in some fields rather than health infrastructure in Uzbekistan, “These surgeries are performed in many centers in our country, but they are relatively specific and require experience. Our country has shown a serious development in the field of health. They know the experiences of Turkish physicians and want to benefit from it at every opportunity. Uzbekistan is an ancestral land, they are our kinsmen. We are also happy to go and serve there. ” he spoke.

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