Uğur Şahin, CEO of BioNTech: Corona virus is not the worst

Scientist Prf, the founder of the BioNTech company, who developed the first vaccine against the corona virus (Covid-19) epidemic that affected the world. Dr. Uğur Şahin made important statements to the US-based broadcaster Bloomberg. Şahin’s remarkable warning, which came to the agenda with the remarkable date statement for normalization, fell like a bomb on the agenda.

According to the information in Hürriyet, Uğur Şahin said in his interview that the Covid-19 outbreak will not be the worst epidemic the world has ever seen; Stating that more deadly and destructive epidemics await us all in the future, he underlined that being prepared is the key to dealing with this situation.

He emphasized that, according to Şahin, the greatest precaution humanity can take to be prepared is hidden in vaccines.

Uğur Şahin stated the following in his interview: “The primary goal of drug manufacturers and world governments should be to reach a production capacity that will immunize the whole world within three months after a vaccine is produced.”

Looking at the current state of vaccination production and campaigns around the world, this seems like a difficult dream to come true. Şahin states that the solution to this lies in the partnership between states and the private sector. In order to achieve this, the problems in the insurance system must be resolved.

“We are not ready to produce enough dose for the entire population in the world,” said Şahin. He says, ‘This has to change. It is imperative not only to find the vaccine quickly, but also to produce a sufficient dose quickly. ‘


Currently, 7 percent of the European population and 19 percent of the US population have had at least 1 dose of vaccine. Şahin thinks that the vaccine manufacturers will provide enough dose to the whole world next year.

The annual target set by Pfizer-BioNTech for 2022 was announced by Şahin as 3 billion doses. Stating that they are open to partnerships, Şahin said, “However, we cannot just depend on them.”


Uğur Şahin made statements to the German press about the normalization process in recent weeks; In the interview he gave to Der Spiegel and Bild newspaper, he said that with the vaccination, a significant and permanent decrease in the number of cases will occur in May-June.


Emphasizing on vaccination, Şahin said, “The important criterion is that a sufficient number of people have been vaccinated until that time. However, taking Covid-19 under control does not mean that the virus will no longer be transmitted and it will be completely over. It just means that we can return to a normal life again.”


Stating that the increase in mutations in the virus is alarming, Prof. Dr. Şahin also stated that he did not expect the vaccine he developed to have such a high effect. Şahin stated that the development of the virus in the human body was prevented thanks to the corona virus vaccine, and also stated that the corona virus vaccine should be repeated every two years.

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