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gave | Friday, February 19, 2021 – 13:50 | Last Updated: 19 02 2021 – 13:50

Kayseri City Hospital Infectious Diseases Clinical Microbiology Specialist Dr. Stating that masks produced under the stairs should not be used to protect against coronavirus, Ayşin Kılınç Toker said, “We do not recommend the use of masks that are sold at a low price and you can feel that they are made of unhealthy material. This may cause other discomfort due to its presence on our face, apart from virus protection.”

Dr. Ayşin Kılınç Toker reported that mutated coronavirus is present worldwide. Turkey’s Toker said that many cities in the mutant virus of interest, “not in a position to watch the worse the moment, but we know infectiousness higher than that. In this case, distance, hygiene brings a more important position. The amount of virus will infect a person more in this case. “We need to protect ourselves from crowded environments,” he said.


Toker stated that he recommended double masks as a physician due to the mutation in the virus, and that the masks should be purchased from health institutions or pharmacies. Saying that two layers of masks are safer, Toker said, “People should use 3-layer surgical masks. However, some want to wear masks that are visual. I cannot say ‘the one with high price is good”. We do not recommend the use of masks, which are sold at a very low price such as under the counter and which you can feel that they are made of unhealthy material. This may cause other discomfort due to the presence of our face, apart from virus protection. he spoke.


Emphasizing that the mask should be changed daily, Toker said, “You have to change your mask when you go to a crowded place and return. The same mask should be used by one person one day. Especially if you are constantly at work during the day, we definitely recommend that the mask be changed every 3 or 4 hours. Patterns and figures are important to make, but at this point, the feature of the fabric used by the manufacturer is important, “he said.

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