Use baking soda against the pesticide threat

DHA-Health – Turkey-Istanbul / Center | Wednesday, May 05, 2021 – 15:16 | Last Updated: 05 05 2021 – 15:17

Specialist Dietician Eda Balcı stated that chemical pesticides containing pesticides used in the cultivation of most agricultural products seriously threaten our health and said that soaking fruit and vegetables in water with vinegar is useless. Balcı underlined that carbonate is an effective weapon against pesticides.

Beykent University School of Health Sciences Department of Nutrition and Dietetics Res. See. Eda Balcı gave important information on how to clean vegetables and fruits, especially during the pandemic process. He stated that chemical pesticides called “pesticides” are used to eliminate the harmful effects of bacteria, viruses and pests on vegetables and fruits. Balcı emphasized that these chemicals cause serious damage to both human health and the soil and the environment.

Underlining that the entry of pesticides into the human body through food can cause negative consequences on the circulatory system, cardiovascular system, liver, kidney and digestive system, Balcı said, “Therefore, it is very important to remove pesticide residues in vegetables and fruits, that is, to clean vegetables and fruits correctly. However, many of the pesticides that are widely used today cannot be removed from food and taken into the body due to insufficient washing. It can also be exposed to contamination from animals, soil, humans and air until the food reaches our hands. “Washing vegetables and fruits with the right method and in the right time is an important step for a healthy life in order to avoid all these factors that may harm our health.”


Stating that one of the mistakes known by the public about washing vegetables and fruits is to keep them in water with vinegar, Balcı said, “Generally, this method comes to the mind of people first. They consume vegetables and fruits kept in vinegar water with peace of mind. However, vinegar water is effective in reducing the microorganism load, not removing pesticide residues. In some studies, it was observed that most of the pesticides in vegetables and fruits kept in water with vinegar did not disappear. “The main purpose of adding vinegar to the washing water is to create an acidic environment and to remove possible harmful substances that can be found on the food against the possibility of inadequate washing.”

Stating that the most effective method to clean vegetables and fruits is to soak in carbonated water, Eda Balcı used the following statements:

“Keeping the vegetables and fruits in this water for at least 10 minutes by putting 10 grams of bicarbonate, also called British carbonate, and then rinsing it is the most effective method to remove pesticide residues. If desired, after carbonated water, vegetables and fruits can be washed in water with vinegar and completely purified from bacteria and all other pests. “

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