Vaccination rooms remained empty, Chief Physician invited the next one

Vaccination of those whose turn is due to the month of Ramadan is the same as across the country. Elazigalso fell. Fırat University Hospital Chief Physician Prof. Dr. İrfan Kaygusuz emphasized the importance of vaccination and vaccination.

Covid-19 Expressing that the biggest weapon in the fight against the fight against the vaccine is the vaccine, Kaygusuz stated that the clinics are open until 24 at night and that citizens can get their vaccinations after iftar.

Emphasizing that there has been a very serious increase in the number of cases in Elazig as in the country in the last 2 weeks, Chief Physician Prof. Dr. İrfan Kaygusuz, “We saw 250 per hundred thousand in 2 weeks. Unfortunately, this is a very rapid increase. For this, a number of measures have been taken in our country. We hope to reduce the number of cases if we comply with these measures. Vaccination is our biggest weapon in Covid-19. Regardless of which vaccine is available, our citizens should definitely have their vaccines, whether Biontech or Sinovac. “We know that it was not vaccinated even though it came. These are huge numbers. However, this is a great opportunity. We need to take advantage of these opportunities that our country offers to our people.”


Kaygusuz, who wants the citizens to have their vaccinations vaccinated, said, “Our studies on vaccination continue. As you know, we have 25 vaccine rooms in our hospital. Accordingly, appointments are opened from the Ministry of Health. Vaccines are also made according to the order of the citizens who are in the turn of vaccination. We entered the month of Ramadan. Our citizens do not think this, we are fasting, it seems like it would not be right to go and get vaccinated. For this reason, our clinics work up to 24 at night. After iftar, they can make an appointment and come and get their vaccinations. As our own hospital, we guarantee that they will not have any trouble in this regard. Please don’t let Ramadan make excuses. After iftar, they can definitely make an appointment for vaccination, they can come and get their vaccinations, ”he said.


Stating that the course of the disease has changed with the vaccination, Kaygusuz said, “The vaccinated citizens have little chance of getting the disease again. But if they are caught, they have a very mild illness. Therefore, vaccination is our most important weapon right now. Mask, distance is very important for us. We will definitely wear our masks. We will pay attention to our distance from public areas. Again, we need to wash our hands and change our clothes, especially when we come home from outside. Please let’s stay away from them this year.Let’s have our iftar with our nuclear family.Let’s not organize iftar dinners in crowded groups.Let’s again reduce the number of trips to each other and family visits as much as possible. send off san are getting sick. If we pay attention especially to these 15 days, we will enter the next 15 days more comfortably. “We will prevent more stringent measures from coming,” he noted.

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