Watch out for seasonal eye allergies

gave | Wednesday, April 21, 2021 – 17:13 | Last Updated: 21 04 2021 – 17:13

Saying that eye watering, itching, edema around the eyes and eye redness should be considered, Op. Dr. Gülina Kargül Dinç said, “Attention should be paid to hand hygiene after contact with any drug or chemical substance.”

Pointing out that allergy is the body’s hypersensitivity to external effects, Gülina Kargül Dinç, one of the doctors of the Eye Foundation İdealtepe Eye Center, said, “While these external factors do not cause any reaction in healthy people, they may cause tissue damage in allergic individuals. There are also types. Often the first symptoms are watery eyes, itching, edema around the eyes and eye redness. Allergy occurs as a result of encountering factors that individuals’ eyes are structurally or genetically sensitive to. Antihistamines are at the forefront in the treatment of eye allergies. In addition, cortisone drops and anti-inflammatory drops are used. From time to time it is necessary to apply cold compresses and sometimes to use an antihistamine as a tablet ”.


Stating that wearing sunglasses in the summer months can be partially protective, Kargül continued his words as follows:

“If people wear them during the period of intense allergies, they should be preferred to take a break from their contact lenses. Scratching or rubbing the eyes should be avoided. Scratching or rubbing the eye for a long time can cause permanent damage to the eye structure. Attention should be paid to hand hygiene after contact with any medication or chemical substance. Eye allergies should not be neglected and should be controlled by an ophthalmologist. “

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