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gave | 01 May 2021 Saturday – 16:11 | Last Updated: 01 05 2021 – 16:11

Stating that attention should be paid to weight gain during Ramadan, Prof. Dr. Onur Yaprak said, “We should stay away from heavy fatty meals, delicious Ramadan pita, sugary acidic beverages, sugary dumplings. Otherwise, the calories taken in sleep will turn into fat and weight,” he said.

Prof. Dr. Onur Yaprak also drew attention to the issues that need to be considered in the consumption of pita, which is indispensable for the month of Ramadan.


Prof. Dr. Leaf, iftar and suhoor, emphasizing the need to be moderate in pita consumption, said: “During Ramadan, weight changes are usually observed. These weight changes, which may be 1-2 kilos decrease or increase, depend on how you eat at iftar and sahur. We should stay away from consuming too much, sugary acidic drinks, sugary pastry desserts. It would be more beneficial to prefer milk desserts. Soup, vegetable dish with olive oil and salad made with various greens should be the indispensable items of our table. Avoid foods, instead of eating a light breakfast consisting of foods such as milk, yoghurt, cheese, eggs, whole grain breads, or a meal consisting of soup, olive oil meals, yogurt and salad should be preferred. and it turns into weight. “

“When fed correctly, fasting cleanses the body of toxins”

Drawing attention to the importance of proper nutrition in Ramadan, Prof. Dr. Yaprak said: “We should regulate the amount of energy to be taken with the food we take to be 40 to 50 percent at iftar, 30 to 40 percent at sahur, and 10 to 20 percent for snacks. During this period, we need to protect our kidneys by drinking plenty of water. When the 2 groups that did not keep fat and had liver fat were compared, it was found that there was a decrease in insulin resistance, cholesterol, liver enzymes in the fasting group, and fasting in the month of Ramadan could be beneficial against fatty liver.Of course, to get this result, we need to review the comprehensive and cultural iftar tables and make an arrangement. Otherwise, it will not be possible to get these results. After the fasting, which is held for a few days with the start of Ramadan, the person feels psychologically well with the secretion of endorphins, also called the happiness hormone. If we eat right, fasting is a great opportunity to obtain physical and spiritual benefits and to cleanse our body from toxins. . “

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